How do I delete a comment in Odnoklassniki and whether it can then restore

By | 08.04.2016

Communication in social networks has long been the norm. Many manage to communicate virtually, even more than in the «real world.» The first time the euphoria of freedom of communication has created the illusion that the social network without drawbacks. Gradually, however, everything fell into place: the shortcomings, of course, exist, but to them it is possible to struggle, especially on the most popular sites, such as Odnoklassniki.

Comments — the main tool of social networks

Note, that a thought that one of the participants expressed the social network about something created by another participant. Comment can record, status, photos, videos and interesting links, ie any object that can be laid out in a user profile.

The user is not limited in the number of comments, so that such an exchange of ideas can be quite long. But what if the message is not like the owner of the object? Or if he accidentally sent the commentator is not whether or not that person?

Word not a sparrow

The easiest way to remove comments Odnoklassniki to its author. After posting a new comment about the image it appears a small oblique cross, the clicked delete a message, you only need to confirm their desire in a special dialog box. Photos, links, videos, or commented in a special line of the «Comments» when viewing, or in the «Discussions».

If the communication takes place in a group, the first time a comment is left there in a standard format to send messages. The group appears on a special tab of the same window «Discussions». By the way, to restore a comment, even immediately after removal, in Odnoklassniki impossible.

Features of virtual communication

Much more interesting is the case, if you need to remove the comment of another person. Here are some nuances.

  1. Make it once only in feed for comments on its object. In this case, you can delete Odnoklassniki and their, and others’ statements.
  2. Own statements in groups, links, and news discussions, community events and removed as usual.
  3. Remove someone else’s comment is almost impossible. You can only complain neponravivsheesya message, which you need to click on the small triangles icon with an exclamation point.
  4. The only mechanism for Friendster, allowing to remove someone else’s «comments» — administrator and moderator in groups and communities. «Admin» can delete other people’s comments to any object of any theme and in a group.
  5. If desired, you can not participate in the discussion to bore or uninteresting. To do this, turn off comments is sufficient to it by clicking «razed» in the very top of the window «Discussions». After that, the object or topic will disappear from the window forever.

Comment — really the main tool of communication in the Odnoklassniki (as well as most other sotsialok), but it is worth remembering that any thought expressed there, similar to the words spoken through a megaphone in the middle of the square — they see and read a lot of people. That is why is very cautious to use this tool.

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