How do I delete a comment in Instagrame on iPhones and android?

By | 24.04.2016

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As in Instagramme delete a comment on the Android and iOS?

Who in Instagram is not interesting to read other users’ personally take photographs? Surely there are none. And if there is, then the unit.

That’s another thing when a spamschiki was captured moments with your hands or with special bots (computer programs) are placed advertising links. When Internet trolls strive poraspekat «photographic audience with» some provocative statement, then, of course, it is better to delete such comments Instagrame. And what is the good? It is not only spoil the impression of the mood and the owner of the account, and his guests.

The procedure for the removal of his or someone else’s comment in Instagram on iOS and Android system is a little different. Therefore, we consider the instructions for each type of devices individually.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

1. Open the Instagramme (on the iPhone or other gadgets from Apple) photo in which you want to remove the comments.

Comment to the photo

2. Tapnite icon «comment» (located on the control menu).

activation function "Delete"

3. The film reviews, swipe left on the comment line, from which you want to get rid of.

4. Tap the icon «Basket».

select removal method

5. In the submenu, select one of the options:

list of reasons removal
    • «Remove and complain …» — send an internal channel in Instagramme complaint resource administration to remove comments (+ specify the reason: spam / banned materials) and remove it from the tape;
    • «Delete» — quick removal.

OS Android

1. Under the photo tapnite labeled «Comments».

comments icon

2. Hold your finger comment lines, which need to get rid of.

Function menu

Tapnite 3. In the menu that appears:

  • «Delete Comment» — to remove;
  • «Delete … Report Abuse» — complain and remove.
confirmation of the launch function

4. Confirm the operation of the system prompt:

  • «Delete» — delete;
  • «Cancel» — cancel the operation.

Regardless of the type of operating system, you can remove any post for your photo or video. And in others profiles — only their grades.

Enjoy your reviews in Instagram, dear reader!

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