How to delete history in Chrome: Instructions and tips

By | 24.04.2016

delete history in Google Chrome

How to delete history in Google Chrome

Browser history — a list of all visited Web pages, saved in the format of the date / time / link. By and large, it is very useful because at any time provides an opportunity to link to the content (articles, audio track, video) that has not been saved to your bookmarks.

However, in certain situations, the story is still better to remove (either before or after surfing) or disable. For example: when you want to hide your actions on the internet from the «prying» sites. They demand no «drop» in the logs and use the information for their own purposes.

These steps will help you to delete the history of visited sites in the Google Chrome browser (discussed several ways).

How to go to the option «History» link

  1. Open the Google Chrome new tab.
  2. Type in the address bar (the field that displays the website address) — «chrome: // history /» (without the quotes). Then press «ENTER».
Screenshot 1

Warning! This link opens in Chrome directly inside the setting — history. At the time of its activation of the browser does not use the Internet connection and, therefore, does not go to any site or online resource Google.

If you plan to frequently refer to this option, add a reference to «chrome: // history /» Chrome bookmark for quick access:

  • after go down in the history of the browser, right-click an empty area of the bookmarks bar (bar under the address bar);
  • Chrome to open the context menu. Select it in the function «Add Page»;
  • in the «Bookmark» in the «Name:» enter the reference name (the default Chrome sets the «History»).
Screenshot 2.jpg

If everything was done correctly, the bookmarks bar icon will appear in the form of a clock dial to the link name. To open a story, you need to click on the left mouse button.

Screenshot 3

How to open an option in Google Chrome settings

  1. Go to the main browser menu (click on the button on which three horizontal lines are shown).
  2. Left-click the «History».
Screenshot 4

Tip! Also, the story can be opened by pressing the key combination «Ctrl + H».

removal procedure

Open in Chrome list of visited websites (use any of the above methods).

Screenshot 5

If you do not need to completely clear the history, that is one of the links to leave, and the other — to delete, select «tick» (click the left mouse button) on the other hand links that you want to remove. And then click the option «Delete selected items».

To completely remove all the saved links, click on «Clear History.»

Deleting / off using a hotkey

In the absence of the need to open the panel «History», use «Ctrl + Shift + Del» complete cleaning of the key combination. When they are pressed, a window appears with the settings in the browser:

  • specify in its drop-down menu for any time period you want to delete the data (hour, day, week);
  • check the boxes of elements from which you want to get rid of (including by browsing history);
  • to start the removal process, please click on the button «Clear History.»
Screenshot 6.jpg

For those who do not use the option «History» and wants to hide from the web sites your personal information, Google Chrome developers have provided a special mode of operation — «Incognito». When activated (key combination «Ctrl + Shift + N»), the browser does not retain the open web page addresses, delete cookie files and disable all installed extensions.

Safe web surfing you, dear reader!

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