How to delete history in Opera and what to do if it is not removed

By | 08.04.2016


How to clear history visits to Opera?

If you are not the only user of the computer, you may need to delete the browsing history. In this article we will focus on cleaning the Opera browser. It is quite complicated, and not every user is a novice can understand how to remove the history of the opera. To do this, you need to perform a simple sequence of actions:

  1. Open a browser and go to the General Settings menu. To do this, click on the «Tools> General Settings» from the main menu. If you do not see this section, click on the Opera logo, it is located at the top left of the window. Next to open the general settings you need to use the «hot» combination Ctrl + F12 ( «+» symbol does not need to use, you just have to press two buttons).
  2. Next, to remove the history of the opera, go to advanced settings by clicking on the appropriate tab, and click on the item «History» (you can find it on the left in the window). Click on the button «Clear» and then «OK».

Note: Remember that when fully clearing browser history and Cookies deleted files that are responsible for the preservation of the input data on the sites (usernames and passwords). Therefore, after cleaning you will have to re-enter them. To prevent this, you need to uncheck the «Clear Cookies».

Did not work out?

If you have not removed the story, you need to use another method. He, too, is simple and will not take your time. You need:

  1. Open the «History» menu. Find the clock the main menu. If not found and you have all the Sidebar is not displayed, you should click on the Opera logo, it is located at the top left of the interface. Now click on «History» and sign in its control by pressing three keys: Ctrl, Shift, and H.
  2. There you will see a list of sites that you have visited in the whole time. For convenience, it is divided into periods that differ in length: «Today», «Yesterday», «Week», etc. If you want to clear the history of opera in part (for example, so as not to affect the Cookies files, or to did not show that someone deletes the history), then you select the appropriate time period. By clicking on it, you will see sites that have been visited by you during the selected period. Please note that here appear only those resources for which you came to the Opera.
  3. Clean by selecting the appropriate option.

If you need to uninstall and other data, for example, Cookies, or to clear the entire history of the host computer, it is recommended to remove all of your personal data stored by the browser. To do this you need to go to the corresponding menu with a detailed removal. Thus, you are more thoroughly clean history of visits.

Just go to «Menu> Settings> Delete private data». In this window you can check all the checkboxes (in this case, all the information will be removed, which can be said about your stay at the computer), or select only the necessary. If you often need to be cleaned, you’d better use the «Incognito» mode.

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