How to delete history in Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer)?

By | 24.04.2016

Internet Explorer

How to clear the history in Internet Explorer

The option save browsing history in Internet Explorer can be viewed in different ways. On the one hand, this is a very useful feature: forgot an interesting online resource to bookmark and opened a magazine, found the address and complete order. On the other hand, the data storage increases the risk of violating the privacy of personal information.

For example, I sat down at the computer another user, suppose a very curious and looked into the story, and already knows what sites is the owner and that the downloads. In some cases, such an invasion into the private zone settings may be great harm. In addition, a list of visited websites are very fond of «read» web resources. So they collect information about visitor preferences. This excessive interest is not always safe and harmless as it may seem at first glance.

But, the good, the story residence on Internet sites in the Explorer at any time can be neutralized. And without a trace. This procedure, depending on the version of the browser is a little different. Consider detail settings IE8 and IE11 (Microsoft’s new offspring).

Internet Explorer 8

For convenience, turn on the menu bar at the top of your browser: Tools → Panels → Favorites panel.

Internet Explorer 8 settings

1. Open the main «View» menu, point to «Explorer Bar» and select «History».

Tip! To quickly open the log, press the key combination «CTRL + SHIFT + H».

Browser options panel

2. After activating the setting on the left side of the browser window will appear vertical bar. Click the tab «History» in it.

journal of IE8

3. In the list, for any time period you want to delete the history ( «today», «2 weeks», etc.)

4. Right-click on the date and select «Delete» from the context menu.

Tip! The contents of the magazine is opened by clicking the left mouse button.

For a quick search, you can use Internet Explorer to sort the history of websites addresses on certain criteria:

history sorting
  • click the arrow next to the inscription «View by date»;
  • select from the drop down menu sorting feature (on the site, in attendance, in order).

If the selective removal is not required, you can perform a quick cleaning:

1. (use a combination «Ctrl + Shift + Del» for quick access) In the main menu (horizontal options at the top of the window) go to «Tools» and click «Delete Log …».

log removal

2. In the «Delete history …» check the box next to «History» item and click «Delete.»

browser cleaning

Tip! To clear the IE, including all elements except for the add «Save selected data …».

Internet Explorer 11

Quick neutralization of the magazine in the latest version of Explorer is as follows:

1. Click the icon «cog» in the upper right corner of the browser interface.

IE11 interface

2. Go to the «Security» section and select «Delete browsing history».

Settings delete stories IE11

3. Include in the list of deleted items «Log», and then activate the option click «Delete.»

data stored in the log

To selectively delete history, click the icon «asterisk» tab «History» and select, for any length of time you need to get rid of the fixed visits.

Enjoy your surf the Web!

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