How to delete browsing history in Firefox

By | 07.04.2016

Mozilla Firefox
When browsing web pages through the browser Mozilla Firefox, it automatically saves them on your computer, to reduce the download time of these pages later. These temporary files are named cache browser. In addition, the company keeps records of all the sites visited, and files are saved special — Cookie. Recent designed to store information that you have already visited some specific sites or authorized them. All of these files require prompt treatment to improve the speed of your browser, or clear space on your hard disk. This article tells you how to clear history in Firefox, and explain how the cache and other elements that keeps the history of visits browser.

Why history

Many people ask, why do you want to cache memory? The cache stores audio and video files that you are viewing and listening, as well as the various elements of page design (styles, images). Due to the fact that they are in the cache of your browser Mozilla Firefox, web pages loaded faster because they already partially have on your computer.

An important part of the history of the browser visits a list of visited websites. It helps you to quickly move to the interest you Web page. And the presence of these files as a Cookie, stores information about authentication on websites. This allows you to not enter your username and password for each entry on the web page.

However, despite all these advantages, clear history in Mozilla Firefox you are still required. The fact that the temporary files are starting to take up too much space on your computer, a large number of elements of the history of visits can significantly slow down your browser, and some sites may not display correctly at all.

How to clear history in Firefox free

What would you look at the history, you should turn on your browser, then in the upper left corner click on the button «of Firefox,» and from the drop menu to point at the item «History», as shown in the screenshot below.

see history in Firefox

In the new menu you can ever get to a place where history is stored in Firefox, selecting 1 or immediately proceed to remove it (paragraph 2).

cleaning stories

To immediately delete the history in Firefox, click the item «Clear Recent History». In the new window, you can select the period of treatment for a certain period of time (steps 1, 2), as well as select the items you want to delete (paragraph 3). Once you enter, you must click «Clear Now.» Browser independently perform these steps. Depending on the amount of all the elements of history, it may take up to 1 minute.

delete history in FireFox

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