How to remove Istartsurf from the computer (browser) manually?

By | 24.04.2016


How to remove of all browsers — fake web search engine. Like others, like her, «projects», absolutely not profit. From and to crammed with advertising links that redirect the PC to questionable sites. A user requests using a special script «send» on Google, as if the user typed requested data directly into his system.

But this is, so to say, not all cons clever search engine. It applies it to the network using a special virus …

As Istartsurf attacks the OS?

In most cases, carriers of infection are multi-installers. Sets the user one program, and in addition, he still offered some say, too good, useful. I do not put the checkmark in it components, and everything — troubles begin. But it also happens that the installer deliberately infected, of any components do not ask anything, in fact, worse.

Next Istartsurf module registers the home page of the browser, all of which will find only in the system, insert your add-in in their labels installed on the desktop and the taskbar. And, of course, being a virus, masks its presence in Windows.

To completely remove Istartsurf, you must manually carry out a comprehensive clean browsers and registry, as well as anti-virus utilities enable healing. Standard activation Istartsurf uninstall uninstaller in this case ineffective.

cleaning procedure

Recovery properties of labels

1. Place the cursor over the label browser. Press the right button.

2. Select «Properties» from the context menu.

shortcut properties

3. In the «Label» (Properties window), in the line «Object», remove the viral link after the executable file (it begins with the name of the protocol — http).

4. To change the option to take effect, click «Apply» and «OK.»

5. Follow the steps described in paragraphs №1-4, in relation to the labels of other browsers.

! Board can take more drastic measures to clean: remove infected shortcuts and create a new standard way through the panel «Start».

Setting browsers


1. In a new tab, type — about: config. Press «Enter».

tab about: config

2. The warning message, click «I promise …».

3. In the line «search» in the settings panel under the browser’s address bar, type — istartsurf.

4. Click on each record found with the address of «lime» search engine right. Then activate the «Reset» command in the menu.

5. After neutralizing malware add-ins, open the section «Tools» (control panel top) and go to «Settings».

basic settings

6. In the section «Basic» in the «Home» option, remove istartsurf address and select a link to a trusted search engine.

Google Chrome

1. Open your browser settings.

2. In the «open … When running» (or, in earlier versions of «home group»), click the setting «Add».

block "Initial page"

3. Remove all the links in the panel, except for the address required search engine. Click «OK».

4. Activate the «Change» setting in «Appearance».

5. In the modal window «Home» turn the radio «Next.»

Installation of the main page

6. Fill in the options link on Google, Yandex or other search engine.

setting the search engines

7. Click «Customize search engines» in the «Search» box. Take the same way a third-party address and click «Finish».

Internet Explorer

1. Select «Internet Options» from the menu.

Internet Options

2. In the «Homepage» (IE window properties «General» tab), remove istartsurf entry and enter the search engine links that use.

3. Click «Apply» and «OK».

registry Key Verification

To permanently remove istartsurf c computer, you need to remove the registry entries.

  1. Click «Win + R».
  2. Run in the «Run» regedit directive (enter it into line + enter).
  3. click the «CTRL + F» in the panel editor.
  4. The search options are set istartsurf and click «Find Next.»
  5. Found records to remove the malware via the context menu of Windows.
  6. Then continue scanning (start key «F3»).
  7. Check the entire registry.


To remove unwanted files and folders (it is possible to remain virus folder uninstall), use the corresponding function of the program CCleaner. Additionally, scan the disk partition utility AdwCleaner or Anti-Malware Free.

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