How to remove Internet Explorer (7, 8, 10 or 11) from the computer completely?

By | 24.04.2016

Internet Explorer

How can I remove the browser Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer)

For someone sinenkaja shaped as letters on the taskbar — the browser Internet Explorer icon — a coveted entry into the global network. I clicked on it, and here’s a search engine, and here are your favorite websites. Nothing needs to be connected, set. Beauty and convenience, so to speak, by default.

But for someone the same object, that is, the IE, — an occasion for jokes and create a meme, «a stumbling block» in the layout of web pages, and that there is no secret, custom source of irritation.

So, the last group of comrades very angry, and tries to remove Internet Explorer on Windows. And not always a doubt in the success of this enterprise they are stopped. We endowed with experience, of course, plans to carry out work. But newcomers fairly pokorpev near a computer again watch the display browser, which, in fact, in their view, should not be. Again, ask yourself the rhetorical question: «Is it possible to remove it at all, in principle ?!»

Why IE is not removed?

To remove Internet Explorer on Windows 7, 8, XP, or old, you need to use special software tools. Staffing removal through activation uninstaller does not help here. And, moreover, do not help to transfer files in the bin (if drag the folder where the browser on its shortcut on the desktop).

Why is that? It’s very simple — IE is integrated (built) in the Windows operating system. Is it an integral part of, as well as other related applications (Notepad, Calculator, CD Player, etc) Completely remove it will not work (in the conventional sense of the standard procedure). But turn off, remove the user from the field of sight, it is quite possible. It will look into the bowels of the computer, so to speak, as a kind of «de-energized unit.»

How to disable IE?

1. Click the label «Start». select «Control Panel» in the menu bar.

the Start menu

2. Go to the options window «Uninstall a program» ( «Programs» in the submenu).

"Uninstall a program" option

3. In vertical list of functions on the left, click the setting «Enable or disable components …».

Menu & quot; programs and components & quot;

4. In the list of components, clear the check box next to «Internet Explorer» (remove the «check mark» mouse click).

disable IE

5. Confirm the activation function in the «Components of the Windows»: press «Yes».

trip confirmation

6. Wait for the changes to the settings. Click «OK».

Progress settings changes

7. Reboot the OS.

That’s all. Now IE does not get involved at all desire. He deactivated.

Restoring Internet Explorer

And if suddenly, for whatever reason, you will need to restore the IE remote, again follow the instructions above are but instead paragraph №4 off, respectively, make the connection (check the box).

How to remove IE update (new version)?

It also happens that the question is more complicated to the user: «How to remove Internet Explorer the new version and return to the previous version?». For example, to clean and restore the IE10 IE9.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to solve. To cancel the update, follow these steps:
1. Go to «Control Panel» via «Start».

2. Navigate to the «Uninstall a program» option.

3. Click «View installed updates» in the menu (on the left). Wait a bit: the OS will load and display the list.

4. Find among IE updates element (for example, Internet Explorer 11).

List updates

5. Click on it with the left button. Click the «Delete» (function in the upper panel).

6. restart Windows.

When the correct implementation of all steps of the procedure removal of the previous version of IE will be activated again.

Special solution for Internet Explorer 9

If you are unable to remove the ninth version of the browser, follow these steps:

1. Open the page in the browser — (official Microsoft technical support).

2. Select one of the three proposed solutions to resolve the issue and action:

  • Master Fix it (you need to run a special program, automatically breaking IE);
  • the command in the CMD (putting off the directive on the command line);
  • System Restore (running Windows rollback to a restore point prior to performing the OS update and including IE).

To find solutions for other versions of the browser (8, 10 and 11), use the field «Finding information» on our support website: Specify the request and press the «Enter».

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