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By | 12.04.2016

Search protect hpui

How to manually remove Hpui of Windows?

Hpui.exe — malicious application. Changes the user settings in browsers, secretly installed in the system during the installation of other programs. It collects information about the user’s personal data and technical characteristics of the PC, and then sends it to the server «developers». It redirects browsers to potentially dangerous and infected websites. Adds own ad units to your web pages (often questionable content).

In the immediate right of the need to remove Hpui.exe operating system. Otherwise, there is a strong likelihood that the computer can attack and infect a dangerous viruses.

Destroy Hpui.exe either manually, using a standard Windows tools.

Disabling malicious processes

1. Open the System Task Manager (press simultaneously «Ctrl + Shift + Esc» keys).

2. Click the «Processes» and find the active elements (executables) Hpui.exe. Then turn off the: Left-click on the file and select «End Process …» from the menu.

Hpui.exe process in Task Manager

. Note: Malicious processes the virus is easy to find on the signature — Search Protect. As well as the names — Hpui.exe, nskF8A3.exe (variations are possible).

3. Close Task Manager.

Cleaning the registry

1. In the «Start» prompt, type — regedit. Press «Enter» (open the system registry editor).

2. Click in the first column under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

3. Go to the Software folder.

4. Next, open the Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run.

malicious entry in the CurrentVersion / Run

5. In the directory you want to delete all records with names and Search Protect fabulous_ <series of numbers>:

  • click on the malicious registry key left button, and then in the menu, activate the «Delete»;
  • confirmation (click «Yes»).

Removing the virus files

1. Open the folder «Program Files» On the C drive (or another drive on which Windows is installed).

2. Locate and SearchProtect SupTab folder; They are stored in the virus files. Now, when the processes of malicious Hpui deactivated, they can freely remove from the context menu of the OS (click the left mouse button on the folder → «Delete»).

SearchProtect folder and SupTab

3. Restart the PC.


Check your browser settings. Look at the active processes in the manager (Hpui objects should be omitted). Clear the file system and registry using CCleaner program. Update your antivirus and scan system.

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