How to remove GuardMailRu manually and with the help of special programs

By | 07.04.2016
To install a new program, no longer needed CDs and even a flash card, access to the Internet is enough. The desired program can be downloaded from the official site developers or distributors, as well as many torrent trackers. Quite often, the program during the installation of «asks» another set and the user, losing vigilance, agrees. That’s the way, and can be on hard disks is questionable application as

This app is for his actions resembles a Trojan, because:

  • installed or completely concealed, or «appendage» to the desired file;
  • blocks all browsers;
  • tormented him the owner of the computer useless advertising pop apami.

All this is not the most user-friendly action, so it is no wonder the desire to remove the majority of the Guard MailRu faster system.

Simply remove. Will not work?

As is usually the case with such poluvirusnymi modules, remove harmful not so simple. Standard the Windows uninstaller, settling down in the Control Panel, in most cases, can not cope with it.

The most famous tool for finding viruses and malware — AVZ and Dr.WEB CureIt! Discover Guard MailRu not always. Why depend on the quality of their search — it is unknown, but even if somewhere in the logs and there are mentions of the module, layman will not understand.

To remove an application, you can use GuardMailRu Unlocker, bad removes it without much torment and uninstaller Total Commander file manager in the assembly PowerUser, starting with version 6.0.

Therefore, if the user is not a pro, you have to look for a competent friend and lure him to at least tea and sweets for getting rid of this filth. If at least some experience of independent experiments (successful!) There, you can try to remove the application from your computer by yourself.

manual removal Guard Mail ru

Removing GuardMailRu

So, how to remove GuardMailRu manually?

  1. Stop Service This is done through the Administration item in the Control Panel, under Services. We find the Guard and stop.
  2. Stop the module itself. Usually, that’s why he can not remove the uninstaller operating system. Called Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), open tab processes, Guard selected in the list and the process ends. And you need to consider such nuance: it is necessary to remove and the system and user processes, what is required to select the «Show processes from all users.»
  3. Then you can try your luck with the removal of the program from the Programs and Features section. If happiness does not happen, then a few folders and files will need to manually remove, for which it is best to use the search. Most likely, in addition to the eponymous folder in the Program Files folder will have to check the browser, as well as the Application Data folder.
  4. Clean all browsers settings. Alternatively, you can reset them to the default.
  5. The final touch: to remove from the registry all references Guard MailRu. This is done through the Start menu, click Run, where regedit is introduced. Search the registry found all the branches affected module and removed.
  6. Reboot!

And in the end I will tell…

The most best — do not install untested software and not to use questionable torrents. Even if you really need a file, it is necessary to spend an extra 10 minutes on his search, in most cases, it will be able to download the free «gifts», which then did not know how to remove.

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