How to remove groups from the contacts you created quickly and easily

By | 13.04.2016

Vkontakte community

How to delete your own group «Vkontakte»: step by step instructions

Someone just create a group on the social network «Vkontakte», and someone, at this very moment, comes to believe that his own to create a community does not need, and it should be as soon as possible to remove. Way of the world: for the time and the change of interest encourages people to new actions. Even in the digital life philosophy remains unchanged. And the Internet — not the exception.

So, dear reader, if you belong to the second category of owners groups in social network «in contact», that is, want to bury the product of social activity, which is painstakingly created the days, months and maybe even years, then this guide is for you. We decided to remove the group from Contacts — then so be it.

How to remove a large group?

Work, of course, ennobles man, except that if it is good. This is to ensure that, if the Community, for example, 2 thous. Members, hundreds of photos and dozens of videos and a host of forum «branches», to get rid of the new group on its own is not quite appropriate, although, in principle, possible.

Do not rush to tuck the sleeves! To get started, try to contact the technical support of «Vkontakte». Believe administrators of social networks, a lot more features than the average user. It is fair to assume that in order to completely remove the organized community of you, they need to press only one button (figuratively speaking).

  1. «In Touch» Go to your account.
  2. Click on a page in the menu bar under the section «Help».
  3. Under the inscription «Here you can tell …» fill in the request for the removal of their own group. His will Present the extremely brief and clear. For example: «Please remove my group (+ link to it).»

If admins «OpenID» will be favorable to you, I mean respond to your request, from the group, and soon the trail get cold. And you will not need more goals to break how to remove a group from Contacts — will remain only memories of it -. That’s all
well, but if your «prayers» are not heard, use the method described below.

How to manually remove the group «Vkontakte»

Relying on their own strength — a good trait. Wanted — made, he wanted to — destroyed if the power of course. In other words speaking, if you have a small size of the community, it can be removed only through their efforts, without resorting to outside, and really, the more otherworldly assistance.

1.Zaydite on his page «Vkontakte», go to the group you want to delete.

2. Before you delete a group in your contacts, you must remove it from all of the content: photo albums, documents, videos, links, discussions, etc.

Tip! Before you remove the content check it visually. Perhaps among the loaded material there exists information that is valuable to you (photos, videos, text files, digital copies of the pdf). It can be downloaded from the VK server without any problems by means of special programs, as well as browser-based applications (add-ons).

3. On the main page of the group in the right pane (under the avatar), go to the «community management» section.
community Management

4. Open the «Information» tab.

5. Turn off the display of content on the wall of the community. Next to each item ( «Photo», «Videos», etc.), set the setting «off».

6. select «Private» Under «Group type».

7. Click the «Save» option changed to take effect.

8. In the same section (community management) tab «Members». And remove all participants (the button «Remove from Community» opposite avatars). If you have helpers, administrators, click the subsection «Leaders», and in the same way release them from their duties — administration group.

Warning: Under no circumstances does not remove himself from the group at this stage, otherwise you lose administrator rights and, accordingly, will not be able to remove it from the social network.

9. After the participants list will be cleared, once again, check the settings, and then remove yourself from the community. To do this, click in the function menu (right-hand panel under the avatar) «Get out of the group.»

10. Go to his page «Vkontakte» and open the «My Groups». If the removal procedure was performed correctly, community groups list is missing. Also try to find the group through the internal search the social network; the system should inform you that there is such a community.

That’s all business! Now it’s your once-beloved, and perhaps not very favorite group in the social network «Vkontakte» safely gone into oblivion.

Good luck and enjoy your stay online! Who knows, maybe after the removal of this group, you create a new one — even better than before — more colorful and interesting.

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