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By | 08.04.2016

Vkontakte community
We are reaping the fruits of the popularity of social networks, some are more, some less. And copying personal photos and autopsy profiles — the most harmless incidents that may lie in wait for hapless user.

Worse, when the profile is edited by unknown persons, or locked to the host and is used in who knows what purpose. In one day you can suddenly find yourself a member of a terrorist group or community of dubious reputation.

VKontakte — one of the most popular social networks, particularly among adolescents. That is what makes it a member of one of the most attractive targets for all sorts of unscrupulous individuals.

What to do?

General safety rules has not been canceled: the password should be as complicated combination. His contact details in any case should not «shine», the less it is written in the personal profile data, photos, videos, the better, and if you have a lot of «declassified», should all be removed.

It helps to hide profile and to limit foreign activity in the privacy settings. Absolute protection is not willing, but as a method of combating pesky spammers work.

No less attention is selected VKontakte community, membership in which is offered by someone (even best friend) or even desirable for the user. But if you happen to get into a dubious group or just interested in the community has passed, it is better to remove immediately.

How do I delete a group?

Delete community is quite simple to make contact. It is necessary to log into your profile and click the link My groups to the left of the main picture. By doing this, the user is taken to a page of the Community where all the groups in which it consists are displayed as a list sorted as joining them, in descending order — from the newest to the oldest.

To delete a group, simply log into it, ie, find it in the list and click on her arm, and then, on the community home page click on the link out from the group in the right-hand side of the screen.

The subtleties of the process

  1. If the community created by a third-party site, and only represented in the contact, it can not be removed because the the user is considered to be subscribed to the news of this community. Accordingly, it will be necessary on the home page click «Unsubscribe» instead of «Exit».
  2. Remove foreign group or the public page, in fact, impossible, you can only get out of it or of its subscribers. Those. the user does not receive information about updates, but the community itself remained where it was.
  3. Moreover, even if the group created by the user, remove it, he can not. You can make a group of the most closed, ie, remain its only participant (this is done on the same page on the Community Management tab), or get out of it, and the rights of the Administrator group are transferred to someone else.

These are the costs of the publicity — can not always be reversed, the consequences of certain actions of the user will remain as long as there VKontakte his profile.

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