How to remove Goinf from the browser start page and restore

By | 24.04.2016

How to remove a computer virus Goinf

Http:// — fake web search engine. Outwardly it looks pretty well (usually for data categories of sites) and the horoscope, and currency exchange rates, and news feed, and videos. Just the thing: if you make a query in the search bar Goinf nothing he would not seek its own, but only perform redirection to other resources — «поиск».

This would be, as they say, and it is fine. We went on the users page «Artful Service», got acquainted with its «features» and went back home — went to the tab with Google, Yandex, or even a trusted site.

But no, the search engine using a special malware secretly registers on the home page of the browser. Remove Goinf standard methods provided in Windows and Internet browsers, it does not work. The virus is masked perfectly at depth. At this point the attackers tried to glory, so that users enjoyed the longer page the newfound «project».

But this will not happen! all «obscenity» from your browser, including those described above, you need to clean up, and as soon as possible. Consider several ways to clean your computer.

Method №1: use utility AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner — free curing utility. Specializes in neutralizing adware (adware), browser hijackers, modifying the start page, malicious toolbars and other evil spirits, which many anti-virus software does not recognize, and «admitted» in Windows.

1. Download the installer to AdwCleaner page (or to another trusted resource).

2. Run the downloaded installer as administrator.

3. Under the list of terms of use click «I agree».

4. Wait until the utility loader via the Internet to update the databases.

Warning Firewall (software that provides network protection PC) may make a request to allow or disallow the installation AdwCleaner network connection. Be sure to open it to access the network.


5. In the anti-virus application, click «Scan» to start the system check.

6. After scanning, open each tab in the block «Results» (services, folders, files, shortcuts, etc.). Uncheck trusted applications (if any show up, false positives can not be excluded).

7. Click «Clear» to start removing malware from your computer. Wait until the end of the procedure.

Note. AdwCleaner except that eliminates malicious files and registry entries, restores and browser shortcuts infected with viral software.

8. To uninstall utility with the quarantine, click «Delete.»

Method №2: manual removal

Note. Use these instructions if you do not have AdwCleaner or other similar curing utility, or you are unable to using these software to clean your PC.

Configure shortcuts

1. Right-click on the icon browser, located on the desktop.

2. Click «Properties» from the context menu (the last item in the list).

3. In the Properties pane ( «Shortcut» tab) in the «Subject» line, follow these steps (for example, Google Chrome)

infected shortcut
    • analyze executable file format. If he looks like … Google \ chrome.bat, write down or remember its name (this viral entity, which will need to find and delete). Original file browser looks like this — chrome.exe;
    • to block the malware redirect, replace .bat on .exe (chrome.bat → chrome.exe);
  • remove malicious link that has been added to the register ways in the «Object» line: it starts after … chrome.exe ». (Looks; but there may be other addresses).

4. After the restoration of the shortcut properties, click «Apply» and «OK».

Repeat this procedure with the labels of other browsers. Viral forwarding on .bat files tend to look at them in the same way: to the Opera — opera.bat, for Mazilu faerfoks — firefox.bat.

Removing the virus files

.bat files referenced by shortcuts infected, the virus hides in the system folders and directories and browsers, respectively, under the mask of their trusted.

.bat files

It is they, and redirect the browser to site at the time of launch: the virus code runs the real executable file (for example, chrome.exe) and opens a tab with an obsessive search engine.

viral script

1. Press the «CTRL + E».

2. In the window that appears (drives / devices), in the line «Find Computer» (located above), enter the file name of the virus, for example, chrome.bat (which was registered in the shortcut properties).

file search

3. Press the «Enter». Wait until the search is complete.

4. Remove all the files with the given name using the Windows standard functions (drag & drop in the «shopping cart» / in the context menu option «Delete»).

Attention! If the file is not deleted, restart the computer in Safe Mode and then repeat the steps in the instructions.

5. Check the system in the same way for the following objects:

  • help.bat;
  • firefox.bat;
  • browser.bat;
  • opera.bat.

They are also involved in the virus.

Reset settings in browsers

1. ofsayte company Avast download Browser Cleaner program (designed for cleaning browsers).

2. Run it. Click the Internet Explorer icon in the vertical menu.

Browser Cleaner

3. Press the «Reset».

4. In a further window, specify the search engine that will be displayed on the home page. Alternatively, you can select an option «Reset to original settings» (restore the original settings). And then click «Clear for free.»

Setting your home page

5. Reset the settings in other browsers (see the icons in the tool menu -. Firefox, Google Chrome).


With the cleaning program CCleaner to remove from the Windows startup all suspicious entries. Update your antivirus databases and scan your PC.

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