How do I delete photos and photo albums in Odnoklassniki

By | 08.04.2016

Man, just register your profile on any social network, it is easy to «calculate» — the abundance of photos, notes and other information about yourself, which he lays out safely to the network. The same pattern is observed in the most popular of today ‘s social networks — Odnoklassniki (

Later, tired to fend off intrusive suggests itself in the «friends» of strangers, from the often obscene and vulgar comments, invitations to the unnecessary games and applications, poor user understands that hastened and strengthened the desire to remove all that is possible. The first, traditionally, under the «censorship» subject pictures.

Possible options

Photos in any social networks are divided into several categories: personal, album and others, in which the user is shown. Classmates — service oriented people aged and young people, for whom the most important thing the simplicity and availability of all functions. Therefore, remove the photo in Odnoklassniki is not difficult, it is done from your profile (ie from your page) in the Photos section to the right of the main image. When passing this section opens Page «All photos», which displays all the personal photos and a few pieces from each album. On the links on it you can go in every album, but you can not delete the photos from it.

  1. Personal photos can be deleted in the tab «Personal photos». It’s enough to bring the mouse to the right and wait for the cross in the upper left corner of the thumbnail, click on it and confirm the deletion.
  2. To remove an image from an album on Friendster, have to go to the tab «Albums» and open the desired. Further actions are the same as in the previous paragraph.
  3. To delete a photo album, it is enough to «Albums» tab and click on the cross on the cover of this album.
  4. You can delete a picture during his show. Every picture opens in a separate window in which the right of the image are links to allow for some action with it. One of them — the «Delete photo».
  5. A little harder to Odnoklassniki is the case with photographs of other users. If the user is marked on someone’s photograph, he will see the photo on the tab «On a photo of friends,» but do not have permission to remove it from him. The only thing that is possible — remove fotometki (a reference to the action will appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the image), ie, to pretend that it is not in this photo. Remove by a user — the owner of the photo.

If so you need to picture disappeared from the service, you can try to write a private message to the person requesting it. If you open a photo, you can complain about it by clicking the appropriate link on the right, it is also entail the removal of images, but a site moderator, obliged to react to a complaint.

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