How to delete a photo in the contact and whether they can then restore

By | 08.04.2016

photos in VKontakte
The amount of personal information, including the place of study, residence, personal photos and much more! Particularly «distinguished» on this path network VKontakte, advertised as the only unbreakable.

Today, when the intoxication of freedom of communication has passed, the number of those wishing to edit their profile, delete the photos — their own and others associated with them.

1 way

The first option is to remove the photo contacts — simply click on the link «My Photos» in your profile and in the window that opens, find the full list of photos in the form of small thumbnails. When you click on a photo to open it, while underneath on the right side of it is the action menu, which is available and select Delete. After this operation selection picture is removed, and although it is visible on the screen has been removed.

2 path

If the photo is in the album, it is possible on the same page, «All photos» to select the desired album (if it is not visible, visible under the covers there is a link «View All _chislo_ Album»). What to do exactly the same as those described in the preceding paragraph.

3 path

There is also an option as to delete the photo. On the same page «My Photos» is the item «Review of the pictures», located at the beginning of the page, to the right, under the field «Add new photos». Clicking this link opens the list of your photos to contacts in the form of sketches. After this is all done in the same way: the right-click opens the photo in the menu under it sought item «Delete» is clicked with the mouse — that’s all.

4 path

What if I want to delete the entire album? When you hover the mouse pointer over the album cover in the upper right corner of the pencil icon appears — this is the button «Edit the album». By clicking on it, the user is taken to a page where you can set the album title and captions to each of his photographs. Well, if you click on the item «Delete Album», located almost at the top of the page (below the cover image), it will be removed completely.

Delete the wrong?

It happens that accidentally deleted the desired photos, those that need to stay in the profile. What to do?

It’s pretty sad. Recover deleted photos can only be a single moment. When you delete photos VKontakte over her image appears, click Recover. If you click it, a photo album in return (or in profile, if it is not on the album), but if this is not done, the image has not come back, you can just download it again.

From the album still pitiable — they are removed immediately and permanently restore them do not even invited.

The conclusion from all this one: delete the photo best carefully, slowly and gently.

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