How To Remove Eset NOD32 from your computer completely

By | 12.04.2016

Eset NOD32

How To Remove Antivirus Eset NOD32

Not so much, and just remove the ESET NOD32 from the operating system, as it may seem at first glance. At least the standard Windows function to remove files and programs in the implementation of this task, there is unlikely to help.

The thing is that the ESET NOD32, like any other professional anti-virus is the so-called «software shell» that protects the body from outside interference, and virus attacks. In other words, the developers of security reasons, gave NOD 32 «instinct of self-preservation.» So any attempt to exterminate it, and let the good cause in him a defensive response.

And that’s OK! That is how it should be! That’s what antivirusnik — a faithful guard system.

Well, if you still desperately want to remove Nod32, use one of the two methods discussed in this article. They are developed by the authors of anti-virus program from ESET and are, respectively, 100% correct. Closely familiarize with each step instructions correctly follow all the steps described in it, and the antivirus program will completely disappear from the operating system of your computer.

Method №1: the removal by the utility Eset uninstaller

1. Make a request to the search engine «Google» — «download eset uninstaller».

2. Go to the official website — (usually it is the first issue).

3. On the next page, find the web subtitle «Removing security products ….» And click on the link to download the utility, located in the first paragraph «1. Insert the and save …».

Eset uninstaller

4. Wait for the download, and then drag the downloaded Eset uninstaller from a folder on your desktop.

5. To remove antivirusnik utility, you must reboot your system in safe mode (below describes a method for Windows7; Windows8 if you have, see the instructions on the Microsoft of.sayte):

  • Open the «Start»;
  • select «Reset» drop-down menu instead of the «Shut Down»;
  • when you restart the PC, press and hold «F8»;
  • when the display shows a list of boot options using the cursor keys ( «up» arrow and «Down» on the sub control panel) to select «Safe Mode.» The selected item is displayed in inverted form: black letters on a white background;
  • Press «ENTER»;

Safe mode

6. After the system is fully loaded, double-click the left mouse button, start Eset uninstaller from your desktop.

Eset uninstaller

7. A window will appear without the usual Windows interface. But do not worry: the utility and should look like, because it works in MS-DOS system shell.

Attention! Before working with the utility, be sure to go to the Latin script, otherwise it will «not understand» your team.

8. Eset uninstaller asks you to confirm your intention to remove NOD32 from the OS. On the question «Are you really …» (you are sure you want to continue), answer the letter «Y» (yes), that is to say «yes» and press «ENTER».


9. After scanning, the uninstaller displays installed on the system products from ESET (Installed AV products). If you are anything other than the NOD32, not installed, the list is only one antivirus. Select Eset uninstaller, you are going to remove it it: Press «1» and then «ENTER».

screenshot 2

10. Confirm the activation of the deletion of the selected software product: re-enter «Y» and «ENTER».

screenshot 3

11. Before the end of the uninstall does not take any action. In the case of the successful removal of NOD32 from a computer under the line «please wait …» message is displayed «finished successfully».

screenshot 4

12. Press any key to exit the program.

13. Restart the computer in normal mode.

Warning utility Eset uninstaller during uninstallation can reset Windows networking settings. In the absence of a network connection after rebooting the OS, reinstall the network card drivers and, accordingly, reconfigure the Internet connection option.

Method №2: the removal with the help of the built-in uninstaller

This option is less automated and requires the user a little more effort. Nevertheless, an effective, especially in cases where the antivirus NOD32 must be removed to reinstall or install another antiviral product from ESET.

1. «Start» Go to the menu.

2. In the list of programs, open «the ESET» folder, and click the left mouse button on the file, «Delete» (the icon in the form of a basket).

screenshot 5

Warning To remove only need to use a built-in uninstaller. Through the Control Panel option «Programs and Features» nod32 is not removed — it is protected from uninstalling this way.

3. The uninstaller panel, specify the reason for removal and click «Next».

screenshot 6

4. Click on the icon «My Computer» or press the «Win» keys + «E». In the window that opens, in the «Search» (located at the top right), enter «the ESET» and press «ENTER».

screenshot 7

5. After scanning sections, the system displays all the folders and files ESET NOD32, remaining after removal. Select all the objects found on the system drive (usually drive C) by clicking the left mouse button on the file and hold down the «Ctrl» key. Then right-click the Windows context menu, and select «Delete.»

Warning: It may be that some of the files «do not want to» be removed in a standard way. To properly remove them from the system, use the unlocking tool such as Unlocker.

6. Restart the operating system.

That’s all! Quickly and safely remove you, dear user! The main thing — do not rush and show attentiveness.

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