How to remove Dsrlte.exe of operating systems and browsers link?

By | 12.04.2016

What Dsrlte and instructions for its removal

Dsrlte.exe — executable file virus application that changes the browser to the home page; instead of Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines at the start of the Trusted tab page appears potentially dangerous service It redirects the user to websites that distribute malicious software.

If you find you need to perform Dsrlte.exe immediately delete it. Otherwise, the consequences of its destructive activities can lead to what is necessary to reinstall the operating system on your computer (ie format drive C — perform a complete removal of information stored on it).

To remove Dsrlte.exe, do the following:

1. Open the Windows Task Manager. This can be done in two ways:

  • press the key combination «Ctrl + Shift + Esc»;
  • press «Ctrl + Alt + Del», and then click «Task Manager» from the menu.

2. In the Manager window, activate the processes tab.

active processes Manager

3. Scroll down the list of running processes Dsrlte.exe, and then click the left mouse button.

4. Select «Properties» from the context menu.

properties Dsrlte.exe

5. In the «General» tab in the «Location» line, copy the path (the location of the virus in the system) to a file and transfer to a separate text file (or remember).

6. Close the Properties window and return to the Task Manager.

7. Again, left click on the detected viral process and activate the «End Process …».

8. Restart Windows in Safe Mode (hold «F8» is restarted).

9. Open a text file that is saved to the path of the virus directory.

Note. As a rule, browser hijackers installed in AppData \ Local \ Pay-By- Ads \ Yahoo ( disguised as a popular search engine Yahoo).

10. All files in the malware Dsrlte folder, including the folder itself, must be removed. The purification can be performed embedded OS function: Click the left mouse button on the project → «Delete» from the context menu.

Tip! If you can not send files to the recycle bin, clean with, or LockHunter Unlocker utility.

11. Restart your computer in standard operating mode.

12. Check the properties of the browser shortcut: Click the left mouse button → Properties (menu item) → tab «Shortcut» field → «Object». Any additional entries after the executable directory of Internet Explorer to delete the file.

13. Follow the settings in the browser or manually reset by the utility Avast browser cleanup.

14. Using a regular browser settings and options, set the home page address of your preferred search engine:

  • Google Chrome: Settings → When you start to open → Add (additional block search «Set search engine» option);
  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Home Page (on the «General» tab);
  • Internet Explorer: Internet Options → General → Homepage (with reference field).

15. Download a free version of anti-virus utilities Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (the official website of the developer). Install it in the operating system and scan all media available on the PC.

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