How to remove a friend contact, and Options Blacklist

By | 27.04.2016

Remove friend FaceBook

How to remove a friend on FaceBook: two easy ways

Make friends in the social network «in contact» simple. To that you sent the invitation to make friends, someone — you. One group went to another — like-minded people here and there. A list of friends is growing, growing … that and look for a hundred, a thousand passes. All this, of course, well, positive. But that’s happening, and so you need to remove the other. Alas! Everyone has his reasons: quarrel, stopped loving, disagreed.

This article will help you to remove on the personal page of friends, and tell how you can once again be friends with them (after all, this could be).

removing another method №1

1. In his account «in contact» section of the main menu, click on «My friends.»
2. Find avatar friend who no longer wish to communicate virtually, and therefore wish to remove from the list.

function & quot; Remove Friend & quot;

3. On the right side of the avatars, functional sub-menu, select «Remove from friends».

function & quot; Return to friends & quot;

After activating this option, the interlocutor account some more time will be listed on the case, if you want to re-assign it a «friendly state». This procedure is performed in a single click: simply press the link «Return to friends.»

method №2

1. Open the «in contact» page to a friend, do not want to be friends with whom.

function & quot; Remove Friend & quot;  to other pages

2. Under the photo of him (just below the button «Send message») is a reference — «<name> in your friends.» Place your cursor on it.
3. To remove a friend, in the selection pane, click the ‘Remove <name> from friends. » And yet — it will disappear from friends.

The «Black list»: useful when and how to use?

Unfortunately, parting with a friend / girlfriend — the feeling is not always mutual and reciprocal. Sometimes former associates on social networks, despite the fact that removed and your friends list, it is attempting to communicate. And of course, it is not always appropriate. The «Blacklist» helps calm the ardor of compulsive users: it closes them access to your account.

To add someone to the list, do the following:

1.Zaydite on the user’s page, you want to block. In the browser’s address bar, copy the address of his account (…) by pressing the keys «Ctrl + C».
2. Click «My Settings».
3. «Blacklist» tab.

function & quot; Add to the black list & quot;

4. Place the cursor in the field located under the horizontal menu «General, Security, Privacy.» Press «Ctrl + V», to insert the copied link.
5. Once the address appears in the box, click «Add to blacklist».
6. If successful the procedure, the message «The user is added ….»

Tip! In the same way, you can get rid of the «bad» subscribers.
If you suddenly decide to unlock the «unlucky fellow» in the black list, click in front of his avatars link «Remove from list».

That’s all the case, dear reader! Suppose you «Vkontakte» happen very pleasant acquaintance. Well, if that goes wrong, use considered in this article, ways. In virtual fellowship should prevail only positive. And nothing else!

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