How to remove StarForce driver from your computer

By | 08.04.2016

«StarForce» — a set of «Protection Technology» products of domestic companies. This brand products are widely used to protect against unauthorized copying and «piracy» the use of various software.

Despite the great popularity among the system has a number of drawbacks. So, StarForce monitors the physical parameters of the drive. But every drive eventually wear out, which can lead to the fact that StarForce will cease to recognize the original CD. Besides this protection system requires that remains permanently in the drive disk, which leads to its more rapid More «wear.»

The structure also includes a number of software StarForce driver. In case of problems with access to the program or if after the removal of the software, he remained in the operating system, the best solution — to remove the StarForce driver. This can be done in different ways, depending on which version is set to protect the software used.

Removal Instructions

To determine the version, you can use the auxiliary tool SF Helper, which is freely available on the website, or open the program folder, secure system, right-click on the «protect.dll» file, select «Properties» pop-up menu and on the «version» tab to see what the value indicated in «BuildSignature» section (or «BuildInfo»).

If version 5.5 or later, then to remove the StarForce, you must refer to the graphical user interface of the system file protection. This file can be found in the root directory of the protected application system. The latest version is called «pcnsl.exe», but older — «protect.exe». In the window that opens, in the section «Managing Drivers» need to select the «Delete driver».

If Starforce version lower than 5.5, should be downloaded from the official website of the system of protection from the ZIP-file «SFREMOVE» utility, unzip it in a folder on your computer free, from which then start «sfdrvrem.exe» file and follow the instructions of the program.

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