How to remove Denver (local server) from your computer

By | 27.04.2016

Removing Denwer

How to remove the local server Denwer?

Denver (local server) is a standalone software package. It can not be removed from your PC in a standard way, provided in Windows (through the control panel). If you do not know how to remove or confused in Denver sequencing algorithm uninstall, follow the instructions published below, and the local server disappears from your PC in 5 minutes.

1. Stop the server: Click the label «Stop Denwer», located on the desktop or run Stop.exe file in Denver ( «denwer» folder) directory.

labels Denver
Screenshot 1

Attention! If you for some reason do not stop the server before uninstalling, then you will have to manually edit the file hosts file, which provides translation of domain names into network addresses. That is, delete all entries in it, made Denver (

Note . Hosts — a text file. It can be opened in any notebook (AkelPad, NotePad, Windows Notepad) via the context menu of the OS function «Open With …».

2. Open the «Start» (click on the icon / button «Win») menu.

3. Type in the search box on the panel «Start» command removes a virtual disk — subst <drive letter>: / D (for example: if you are at the time of installation of Denver created the Y drive, remove the command will look like this — subst Y: / D) . Press «Enter».

Screenshot 2

3. Remove the installation folder with the Denver files (by default it is in C: \ WebServers) using the system function «Delete» (right-click on the folder Denver) or by Drag-and-drop (pulling arm folder to the Trash).

Screenshot 3

4. Press the combination of «Win + R» keys. In the window that opens, enter the line command «msconfig» (without the quotes) and activate it by pressing «ENTER».

Screenshot 4

5. You will see a panel, «System Configuration». Click the «Startup» and remove the «check mark» next to item «Create virtual drive for Denver» (Boot.exe file) to prevent the launch of Denver Startup / Windows reboots. Then click «Apply» button and «OK».

Screenshot 5

6. Remove the labels from the desktop Denver (Start / Restart / Stop) regular Windows tools (via the menu function «Delete» / dragging in the basket).

the uninstall procedure is finished. Now, dear reader, do you know how to remove Denwer — correctly and quickly. Use these instructions to reinstall the operating system on the local server and cleaning.

Good luck!

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