How to remove Delta Search using tools and manual

By | 24.04.2016

Delta search

How can I remove Delta search from your computer?

Delta search — simple toolbar of the same name «» search engine. It belongs to the category of potentially dangerous software: monitors user activity, collects information on a PC etc. But, unfortunately, regarded by many as a safe antivirus application.

There is another fat minus in «Delta Serch» — it will be installed into the operating system and «prescribed» in the settings of all browsers. Its creators for mass distribution using veiled installers and infected web pages. They have one goal — to trick the user!

Delta search setting

Seeing the Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome), instead of the usual search engines (Google, Yandex) buttons and page «Delta Serch» — immediately dispose of it. Such «convenience» does not bode well!

Removal of utilities using Avast browser cleanup and Revo Uninstaller

1. To remove, Serch Delta browsers, first download the utility: Avast browser cleanup — to restore the settings; Revo Uninstaller — to remove all malicious applications.

Important! Download the program, it is desirable to other «clean» PC only from official sites. If this is not possible, try to go in the infected browser to trusted search engine. For example: write to the search box and press «ENTER». In no case do not use questionable toolbar «delta-search» for these purposes.

2 will install on a computer in need of «treatment» program Revo Uninstaller. And then run it.

3. Scroll down the list of installed programs, applications, containing in their names the words «Delta», «toolbar». Quite often, developers are their «offspring» names such as «Delta Chrome Toolbar», «Delta toolbar». Also, special attention to the list of recently installed software — questionable add-ons and add-ons for the browser (common variant masking — «BrowserProtect»).

4. Select the arrow icon to «impose» the application in Revo Uninstaller panel and click the right mouse button. activate the «Delete» function in the context menu. Wait until the end of the uninstallation.

5. Select the «Advanced» scan mode. Remove all registry entries and files to the toolbar that will find utility.

6. remove the application, close the Revo Uninstaller.

7. Open the labels of all browsers and check their properties (right-click on the icon — the context menu «Properties»). On the «Shortcut» tab in the «object» to remove all extraneous records (if any), in addition to the path to the executable file. Or create new shortcuts, and old — to remove.

8. Run the utility Avast browser cleanup administrator. Press thorough cleaning.

Avast browser cleanup

9. Alternately, click on the icon of each browser in the Browser cleanup box and click «Reset». Utility restore options in browsers, toolbars changed and prompts you to choose the search engine, which will be displayed on the home page.

screenshot 1

10. Remove all the unwanted expansion, found Browser cleanup, using the «Delete» button. It is located on the right side of their names in the list (utility box).

11. Restart the PC. Launch the browser and check their performance: a haunting delta-search should be absent — and on the home page, and the user interface.

Prevention of PC after removal

1. Scan all partitions of the hard drive antivirus program — Dr.Web CureIt !, Virus Removal Tool or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

2. Avast browser cleanup restores the previous settings in browsers, but does not remove the link to the delta-search. Despite his failure to act, it is still present in the options. It must be removed by hand:

  • in Internet Explorer — select the settings menu «Internet Options.» On the «General» tab in the «Home» set the address of the search engine acceptable to you. In the «Add-ins» section, click «Search» and remove from the list a reference to the delta-search;
  • in Google Chrome — go to «Settings», click on the section «ATEC Settings». Click «Edit» option in the column «Appearance» near the word «Tab page.» Click the radio button «Next page:» address and remove useless service delta-search;
  • in Firefox — click «Tools» and then select the sub-menu «Extras». Review the list of installed extensions and plug-ins. If you want to get rid of the supplements are not credible (from Delta Toolbar in the first place!)

How to remove the toolbar without using special tools?

1. Open the «Control Panel» in the «Start» menu and click the option «Uninstall a program» (the «Program» section). Locate the application with the name of a toolbar, select it with the cursor and click on the top menu item «Delete».

Removing the program

2. Check the system registry for entries with the title malicious resource «Delta Toolbar»:

  • press the key combination «Win» + «R»;
  • in the line «Open:» enter — regedit;
  • press «Ctrl» + «F» in the editor;
  • write in the «Find:» — Delta Toolbar;
  • click «Find Next»;
  • remove all detected entries editor toolbar;
  • Continue scan by pressing «F3», until you have checked all the registry keys.

3. Press the «Win» + «E» or click on the icon «My Computer». In the window that opens, in the line «Find Computer» type «Delta Toolbar» (without the quotes). Remove all system files found with the name of the toolbar.

4. Check the labels and customize the browser (see. The instructions above).

5. As soon as possible, update the anti-virus database installed and check all external drives (HDD) PC.

If all these actions will not be enough — «Delta Toolbar» will continue to spoil the external and internal appearance of browsers — contact a computer security expert. Perhaps you have not correctly complied with any removal operation, or toolbar developers used a fundamentally different method of its «penetration» into the system. Whatever it was — do not despair; all fixable! «Delta search» — not the worst thing that could happen to your PC.

Good luck to you, dear reader! And, of course, successful purification from any Windows software lewdness.

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