How to remove Delta Search and what it is

By | 08.04.2016

Delta Search
The so-called shelf redirektnyh viruses, ie, such that redirect user’s browser to a fake search page on some hitherto unknown site, constantly arriving. That Delta Search — one.

This cute virus sends the browser to a page, issued for the search engine, and the quiet, like most of his colleagues, installs its own tool-bar, ie control panel, and will harass the user until it is removed.

Where did he come from?

Option 1 — the man himself sets the virus. What for? Then, it is advertised as an advanced search panel, which will improve the browser to an unreal level! This train do not want this? And now Delta Search is installed on a completely voluntarily. And then begin surprises.

Option 2 — the virus is installed along with any other program or file downloads from the web. Protection against it easy: just read the messages carefully installer program.

What is he doing?

Like all such viruses, Delta Search is prescribed as the home page of all browsers, a substitute reference the path to the executable files in their labels, stored in folders and a software module stored in startup.
All of the above has the effect of a few unpleasant moments.

    1. Which browser or start — will get to the same place, namely
    2. Antivirus This small dirty dog ​​is not removed because none of them does not know how to delete currently running files.
    3. The computer appears an object that makes it vulnerable to external threats, until the use of the computer as a robot with DDoS-attacks.

How to deal?

Only one way out:. Remove Delta Search, and as soon as possible
tactic to combat all redirektnymi viruses is the same, regardless of whether you want to remove delta search from Chrome or any other browser.

  1. Stops the process — through the Task Manager processes tab, click End Process. In the list of processes need to find a Delta-Search Toolbar or deltatoolbar.dll.
  2. Run anti-virus, or a special tool (AVZ, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Dr.WEBCreIt! Etc.), that the virus is removed.
  3. All discs are checked for files associated with of Delta, if it exists — is removed (usually something found in the folder browser). It is best to use the system search, or any similar function halyard manager.
  4. Launches the browser, their settings, sought a list of connected plug-ins (plug-ins), sometimes called add-ons, add-in is still the same element, and is removed.
  5. Registry Cleaner. It is accessible via the Start — Run — the regedit command or just the regedit, entered on the command line Start menu in Windows under XP versions. It finds all the keys mentioning Delta-Search or Delta-Search Toolbar. Of course, they are deleted.
  6. Then you can reboot (but you can wait).
  7. The newly rewritten the labels of all browsers or through their context menu, click Properties, Target Field, or simply are desired executable files and the command is given the right mouse button Send — Desktop (create shortcut).
  8. This is now just need to reboot — and enjoy the normal operating system.

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