How to remove ClearThink Ads by hand and using tools

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How to remove ads from browsers ClearThink

ClearThink ads — malware application (adware). Under the guise of the program, helping to make purchases on the Internet, introduces to the web page your ad units. What brings a lot of inconvenience in the process of surfing: Increases the download content, your banners closes interface elements (buttons, menus, forms and fields).

In addition, adware module significantly increases the risk of infection with other PCs, more dangerous viruses. It offered them a «related» links can redirect the user to a dubious resources.

Warning: Under no circumstances should not delay the removal Clearthink! While it is present in the system, the confidentiality of your personal information is at risk.

To remove Clearthink, follow the procedures below.

Starting the uninstaller

method №1

Less effective in terms of cleaning the system. Are utilized only Windows standard tools (removal procedure manual).

1. Click «Start» (Windows icon), or press the Win key.

2. Click «Control Panel» right column.

3. In Control Panel, click «Uninstall a program» (in the «Programs» section).

4. From the list of software installed in the OS, ClearThink, and then click the left button.

list of installed software

5. Click the «Delete» (the bar at the top of the list).

uninstaller ClearThink

6. In the uninstaller window Clearthink click «Uninstall».

7. After removal, close all windows.

method №2

It allows you to remove elements of adware, remaining after removal of its built-in uninstaller.

To implement the method №2, you will need one of the following utilities:

  • Uninstall Tool;
  • Revo Uninstaller;
  • IObit Uninstaller;
  • CCleaner.

Download the utility, set the OS and run. Then follow the procedure (steps are described in the Uninstall Tool utility example):

  1. Click the icon «Uninstall» in the horizontal menu.
  2. Right-click on the icon Clearthink.
  3. This starts the built-in uninstall an application-adware, follow the instructions (see para. 6 point method №1).
  4. After completing the uninstaller Uninstall Tool will automatically scan the operating system, and then in the «Removing the remnants of …» will offer to remove all remaining files adware and registry entries.
  5. Select all the found items and activate the option «Delete».

Deleting / disabling extensions in browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Press the «cog» icon.

2. Click «Customize the superstructure.»

3. Activate the «Toolbars …».

IE add-ons

4. In the list, scroll mouse extension ClearThink.

5. Press the «Disable» at the bottom of the panel.

6. Click the right-disconnected expansion. Select «More» from the context menu.

7. If the «Delete» button is active, click it.

8. Close the top mounting plate.


1. Click «Add-ons» in the «Tools» section.

2. Click the tab «Extensions».

viral expansion in FF

3. In the add-adware line, click «Remove» (in English. Remove).

Google Chrome

1. Select «Settings» in the menu.

2. Go to the «Advanced» section.

3. In contrast ClearThink click shortcut icon «Basket».


1. Click the «Advanced» in the menu (Opera icon).

2. Click in the malicious add-on block «cross».

After removal of the expansion ClearThink reload the operating system and launch the browser. Make sure that the ad units adware no longer appear on the page.

What to do if your ad units have not disappeared

1. Check the properties browser shortcuts:

  • right click on the icon;
  • click «Properties»;
  • check in the «Object» the path to the executable file, delete the links (if present) after … exe «.

2. Scan the registry:

  • click «Win + R»;
  • in the «Run», type regedit;
  • press ENTER;
  • in the Registry Editor, click the «CTRL + F»;
  • in the search field, specify ClearThink;
  • run the scan ( «Start Search» button);
  • detection recording with the name of adware remove from the context menu (right mouse button → Delete);
  • keep checking the registry key (F3) is displayed until the message that all branches scanned.

3. Download a free utility Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (only on the official website!). Install it and test the system partition. Remove all detected malware.


Remove from the PC software of dubious origin: screensavers, widgets, patches, etc., in particular those that have been recently installed on your PC.. Most likely, ClearThink entered into the system and, respectively, with exactly two browsers. Spend the cleanup using Windows SSleaner utilities, including not only the file directory, and registry.

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