How to remove Browsefox (win32) free of all browsers?

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How to remove adware Browsefox from Windows

Adware Browsefox — dangerous malware. On the infected PC establishes control over browsers: integrate their advertising scripts on web pages opened by the user; change the homepage (instead of Google, Yandex opens when you start a tab with It keeps track of the user’s actions in the process of web surfing. Runs in the background (permanently when the computer is turned on), picks up the memory resources.

It penetrates into the operating system, usually through a free software installers. Hide your location in the operating system. Create your add-in registry makes it difficult to uninstall the standard way. Also, there are cases where Browsefox reappeared after detection and removal by anti-virus utilities.

ad unit Browsefox

To remove Browsefox from Windows, then follow the steps described below purification.

Completion of viral processes

1. Press the «Win» or click the icon on the OS taskbar.

2. In the «Start» bar, type in the search box — taskmgr.

3. At the top of the window displaying the program, right-click the icon taskmgr.

4. Select «Run as administrator» from the context menu.

5. Open the «Processes» tab in the Task Manager window.

activated processes adware

6. Stop all processes that contain the name of the malware: click on the object → «End Process» button (located at the bottom of the interface).

Viral elements can have the following names:

  • browsefox * 32;
  • Browseri_Appe;
  • browsefox.dll;
  • browsefoxBHO.dll.

Removing folders

1. Press the «Win + E» (open window partitioning).

2. Place the cursor on top of the window: click on the empty space (the words «computer» should stand out). And then type% programdata% and press Enter.

virus folder

3. In the directory ProgramData regular system tools to remove the computer «Browseri_Appe 1.2» folder, as well as other elements that have a name of the viral applications whose titles. Drag them to the cart or neutralize the system menu (right click → Delete).

4. In the same way, review and, if necessary, clean the ProgramFiles directory (specify the path in the line -% programfiles%).

Cleaning the registry

1. Press the key combination — «Win» and «R».

2. In the «Run:» to start the Registry Editor, type — regedit (+ Enter).

3. Open the Utilities menu: Edit → Find.

4. In the new window, «Search» in the «Find» box, enter the name of the malware — browsefox.

5. Click on «Find Next» to start registry scanning.

malicious registry entries

6. Remove the found entry (it has made in the register of the virus!): Right click → «Delete».

7. Proceed with check key «F3» and continue cleaning until you see a message that the registry scan is complete.

If the browser in the start time performed a redirect to other sites, in addition, review the following directories and delete keys in them with links to other resources:

IE in the registry directory
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Microsoft → Internet Explorer → Main
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Microsoft → Internet Explorer → SearchScopes
keys in the reference virus

In this case, given the directory responsible for Internet Explorer add-ons. But if you use multiple browsers, re-scan the registry (see paras. No. 1-7) for the presence of malicious links found in IE folder (for example, mywebsearch).

startup Testing

  1. Open the «Run»: Press the «Win + R».
  2. In the «Open» select job — msconfig. And then press «Enter».
  3. Open the «Startup» section In the «System Configuration».
  4. Disable (uncheck) all suspicious elements (with the names of the executable file and process malware).
  5. To change the option to take effect, click «Apply» and «OK».

Restoring the settings in browsers

To quickly change the address of the home page and remove the virus settings in Internet browsers, use the «cleaner» browsers Browser Cleanup (you can download it for free on ofsayte Avast):

  • run the utility;
  • click the browser icon to be clear;
  • click «Reset»;
  • in the additional window, specify the parameters of the start page (Browser Cleanup will remove viral links and establish a trusted address search engine).


Scan the system partition utility AdwCleaner, then Dr.Web Cureit! With utility CCleaner remove from the OS unused files and registry keys, clear the contents of the Temp folder. Check the main antivirus that protects your PC in real time, update the signature database.

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