How to remove the browser «Comet» and his panel of OS Windows?

By | 24.04.2016

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How to uninstall the program (browser) «Comet» with a computer

«Comet» — a free browser engine Chromium. Externally very similar to Google Chrome. Distributed not only through the official site of the developer (, but also through the free software installers, «collected» by the type of 2 to 1. What, in fact, bothering users. After the installation of the next application in the browser shortcut on the desktop and vertical Launch toolbar for quick access to the sites.

Definitely, good enough that the digital product «imposed» thereby. Let us consider two ways of how to remove the browser «Comet».

Method №1: removal regular Windows tools

1. Open the «Start» (the system menu): Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner.

2. Click «Control Panel».

3. Set the panel box, in the «View» option set to «Category».

4. Open the configuration «Uninstall a Program» in the section «Program».

"Comet" in the list of installed software

5. Click on the name «Comet» in the list of applications installed on your PC.

6. Press the function «Delete» (located in the vertical menu on the catalog).

request uninstaller

7. In the uninstaller window, enable the option «Delete on the data …» to remove the file from your computer with a browser add-ons.

8. Click the «Delete» button.

9. After cleaning, return to the directory of installed applications. Find the «launcher Comet» and follow the steps №1-8 this manual. Often it is accompanied by «Comet» in the installer, including versions downloaded from ofsayta.

Warning Module panel with shortcuts might not be listed, it is installed separately as an optional extension. In this case, proceed to the next stage of treatment.

suspicious application

10. In the same way, using standard tools, uninstall / dubious origin programs installed recently. Surely this they «brought» intrusive browser in Windows.

Note. The use of this purification method is expedient if the party is not available to remove utilities. Established Windows option neutralize «Comet», but «leaves» some of its files and registry entries. In other words, there is cluttering OS unnecessary elements.

Method №2: Cleaning Soft Organizer utility

1. Start Soft Organizer.

Soft Organizer

2. Select the click of a mouse icon «Kometa».

3. Click «Uninstall a program».

4. The built-in uninstaller browser. Follow its instructions: turn on «… to delete the data …»; click «Delete.»

Uninstall "Comets"

5. Wait until the search for traces of «Comet». The window displays the number of items found.

detection of traces of the program

6. Start Windows cleaned by pressing the appropriate button.

7. In the same way (see paras. №1-6) get rid of launchpad browser.

detection Launcher Antivirus

Warning: Some antivirus module web protection (for example, Avira Internet Security) is detected add-on «Comet» (the vertical menu on the desktop) as a malicious application. In this case, it must be sent to quarantine or destroy the system by the defense functions.



Regardless of which way to remotely «Comets», scan your PC for malware AdwCleaner program. Clean the disk and registry cleaner by using application Reg Organizer or CCleaner.

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