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By | 13.04.2016

Ads by Blockandsurf

As in the system and browsers remove Ads by Blockandsurf?

Ads by Blockandsurf — advertising application. Hidden like a virus, is installed into the operating system, along with free utilities and applications (integrated into their installer). It consists of a starter module, located in the Program Files directory, and browser-based applications (the largest-attack Blockandsurf subject to Firefox and Internet Explorer).

In the process of web surfing adware virus adds its advertising modules on the site, such as online stores that allegedly contribute to the rapid search of goods at a reasonable price and coupon codes.

ad units Blockandsurf

But, in fact, these «advertising-information adding» only complicate the use of resources. Web pages open slowly, the traffic is consumed more as an additional loading scripts and graphic Blockandsurf banners.

In order to remove this adware from your computer for free (without resorting to any help), follow the procedures below.

Activation uninstaller

1. Open the System «Start» menu (key «Win»), click «Control Panel.»

2. Press the «Deleting a program.»

uninstaller module Adware

3. In the directory of installed applications, right-click Blockandsurf.

4. In the context menu, select «Delete.»

5. Follow the uninstall instructions.

Important: If the list of available software in the OS no Blockandsurf, proceed immediately to the next step removal. In any case, it is activated for complete cleaning is not sufficient (it does not remove the entire program adware, but only some of its elements).

Deleting files and folders

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode:

  • when you restart the hold «F8»;
  • When the menu appears, the cursor keys to select «Safe Mode»;
  • Press «Enter».

2. On the drive C (system partition), open the folder Program Files.

3. Locate the folder with the name of her Blockandsurf-Soft. Click on the right button, then select «Delete» in the function menu.

4. Clean the «shopping cart» on the desktop.

If the Program Files folder above is no need to try to remove Blockandsurf, previously running the OS searches for its constituent elements — the executable and dynamic link libraries (to find out, they are in a directory).

1. Without leaving the safe mode, click «Win + E».
2. At the top of the window partitioning using graphs «Search Computer» ( «Lens» icon), locate the following files (if found, they must be removed using standard Windows options):

Executable files (with an extension of .exe):

    • BlockAndSurf_wd;
    • BlockAndSurf158;
    • BlockNSurf;
    • BnSup;
    • BlockAndSurf157.

Dynamic Library (.dll):

  • BlockAndSurf158;
  • Sqlite3.

Important also is useful to perform these actions, and as a preventive measure (even if the folder is deleted) as an advertising virus masks and «throws» its constituent elements in many directories the operating system.

Cleaning the registry

Just as in the file system, search for objects (records and key) related to intrusive advertising module.

1. Open the Registry Editor: Win + R → regedit (input «Open:» command in the box) → Enter.

2. When the editor window, click the «CTRL + F».

3. In the search bar, enter the following queries alternately and scan your entire registry:

  • BlockAndSurf;
  • BlockNSurf.

4. Remove found entries with these names and continue the search (press «F3»), until all the registry keys will be checked.

5. After cleaning procedure, restart your computer in normal mode.

Removing adware extensions in browsers

This problem can be solved in two ways:

method №1

1. Download from the website of Avast! Utility Browser Cleanup (it is downloaded for free and without registration) and run.

2. In the Utilities window, for each browser (vertical icons menu on the left), follow these steps:

Browser Cleanup utility
  • remove any unwanted expansion, which detected a Browser Cleanup;
  • click «Reset».

3. Close the utility.

method №2

It involves the removal of malicious add-ons to browsers manually (without the use of third-party software).

Google Chrome: Settings (top button interface) → Enhancements → Delete (the «basket» icon).

Malicious adware extension in Firefox

Firefoh: Tools → Applications → Extensions → button «Delete» (Disable).

advertising module integrated in IE

Internet Explorer: the settings menu ( «cog» icon) → Customize → Toolbars superstructure.

Prevention of the operating system

Download the official website of the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free). Then set it to the operating system update a signature database and scan the system partition. Remove all the unwanted and harmful files, registry entries, results Anti-Malware. Again restart your PC. With the cleaning program CCleaner or analogue clean the system (browser cache, Windows directory, etc.)

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