How do I delete a conversation in the contact and the person or go back to the remote conversation

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How to remove the conversation and interlocutors VKontakte?

One of the most enjoyable utilities social network VKontakte — the ability to create a mini-chat or conversation. That is to go beyond the standard communication of two participants and immediately invite the 5, 10 or even 20 friends. Of course, it’s more convenient and interesting. Adherents are going for a virtual round table and lead a conversation on a particular topic. Plus — the number of dialogues of forum format VKontakte is practically unlimited. The account owner quickly (in just a few minutes) can create a theme to talk and send messages to all the invited participants.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, there is a need to remove the conversation or «turn off» the sacrament to her companion, as well as perform a number of other useful settings (Vkontakte they are!). This article will tell you where they are located and how to use them correctly.

Deleting chat

1. In your profile, click VKontakte «My Messages» section of the menu.

Dialogs tab

2. In the message list, find the conversation you wish to remove.

dialogue removal

3. Place your cursor in the upper right corner of its field to display the «X» icon.

4. Click on the «cross» the left mouse button.

confirmation of intentions

5. You will see an additional window to confirm the deletion. Before you click «Delete» again consider whether to delete the chat dialogue created. Since the cleaning procedure can not be canceled already.

Tip! In the same way you can delete multiple dialogs available in the list.

Deleting chat participants

1. Click on the established theme.

talk settings

2. The field for entering messages, press the <people …> (the number of people in the chat). It is located next to the button «Submit».

party exception

3. A list of participants in mini-chat. To remove a buddy, click on the «cross» in front of his avatars.

function activation

4. Confirm the action, press «Delete» in the additional window. And the social network system deletes the interlocutor of the overall dialog.

Remote participant can «restore» (provided that you have created a theme):

    • Open the chat (the «Browse dialogs»);
  • move the cursor to the «Actions» menu (located at the top right, next to the «friends list»);
  • select the «Add a companion»;
  • Click in the list on the profile member, remote from the dialogue.

How to leave the conversation?

To leave the conversation, go to it (click on the topic in the message list), and then in the «Actions» menu, click «Leave …» (last item).

"Actions" menu

And if you ever want to go back to the remote conversation, you need to perform essentially the same steps, except for the function:

  • Open the chat;
  • in the «Actions» select «Go to …».
return to the conversation

A few ways to return to chat

If the deleted correspondence history

The social network VK links to all dialogs and messages in chat rooms are created in a special format. It is as follows:

The number following the letters «c» in the link is a serial number of dialogue (1, 2, 12, etc.). Try the method of selection of the numbers to find and recover the desired topic. Put a figure in the link, and then ready to enter the url into your browser.

When the find dialog, use the standard function: Options → Go to the conversation.

Warning! Be sure to sign in to your profile!

If the message history is preserved

Through internal search function find the chat from which they came. It is completely preserved, but is not available at the moment. And none of the friends you invite can not, because you yourself have left him.

In the search box, in the «My Messages», enter a subject. Then go into it (if it is displayed in the search results) and the menu «Options» will join the dialogue.

Enjoy your communication in the VC!

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