How to remove baidusd (baidusdtray.exe) from your computer

By | 12.04.2016

Baidu virus

How can I uninstall Baidusd?

The program Baidu Chinese production — it also baidusdsvc, Baidu An, Baidu Sd, … usd. On the Web, that is among the Russian-speaking users, called «canoe». And true! As the saying goes, the nail on the head. How else to dignify this software miracles ?!

Baidu — all signs of malware

In view baidusd- antivirusnik; all attributes with it. But only now, butoforskie. Maybe it brings some benefit in terms of protecting your PC, but it is so small compared to the amount of harm, again coming from him that in general, and wants to voice his nickname … And, of course, remove baidusd.

Baidu Viruses in the system tray

Facts — are stubborn things. So, what is bad for the «Chinese anti-virus» of the computer:

  • Installed OS «in a silent», without permission, in the process of downloading any files, programs from the Internet;
  • Bypasses anti-virus program, pretending to be friendly digital products;
  • Without false modesty, «prescribed» and is located in the system, where possible — the Windows context menu, tray (baidusdtray module) «Start» menu, the desktop, browsers;
  • Having occupied the «apartments», it is «the joy of» user in the best of its Chinese interface — solid characters — keys, file names, captions (what and where — it is not clear!);
  • To take «action», it is not clear why a fair amount of use of OS resources. PC configuration with a weak start to «slow down» and «fail»;
  • Spontaneously copies the files on drive C.

And this completes the overview of «arsenal» baidusd.exe (executable file Rogue AVs) of his «unwillingness» to leave the operating system. Remove regular operating system tools turns out only partially, and then not always. It needs a special approach. To save your PC from infection …

Removing Baidu

1. Open the «Start».

Menu & quot; Start & quot;  Windows

Scroll down the list established by the Chinese program; it is quite easy to «calculate» in kanji.

2. Click on the «virus scan» folder to open all of its elements.

3. Click the icon in the form of a «ban» sign on the box background (this is a built-removal).

system function & quot; Removing the program & quot;

Also activate the built deinctallyator possible via the control panel in the «Uninstall a Program»:

    • locate the directory on the icon with the characters;
    • right-click on it;
  • submenu activate the «Change / Remove».

Attention! If the uninstaller is not available, try to remove Baidu using Revo Uninstaller or a similar program. And then proceeds to step №5 this manual.

4. Start the removal of the false anti-virus module. Here, again, all in Chinese. Point and click the first (in the first and subsequent screens) button (located next to the blue).

uninstaller Baidu

When the program segments are removed, there will be one more menu — press the blue button at the bottom of the panel.

false antivirus menu & quot; Baida & quot;

5. Now you need to remove the remaining «Baida» files (they are still operating in the OS!). Press simultaneously — CTRL + ALT + DEL, choose «Task Manager» list.

Windows Task Manager

6. «Processes» tab in Task Manager.

7. Locate the file with hieroglyphic signature. Right-click on it. In the submenu, select the «Open storage …».

8. Copy the file location path in the window (in the top line). And then save it as a text file.

Attention! If the process is not one of the Chinese virus file is found, and a few paragraphs repeat №5-8 instructions in relation to each. To find the path to each of them.

9. Restart the computer in Safe Mode (in the process of restarting hold «F8» key).

Towards Baidu files

10. Open the text file with saved paths to Baidu files.

11. Go to each of the file directories and delete from your computer the remaining elements of the «Chinese utility» regular operating system tools (function «Delete» from the context menu). Folders (even empty!) Files — all without exception.

12. Start the computer in normal mode — Baidu should disappear.

preventive measures

Having defeated the Chinese «antivirus product» clean OS CCleaner utility, including file system and registry. Scan for viruses all disks and partitions curing utility — Dr.Web CureIt !, Virus Removal Tool (by Kaspersky) or Anti-Malware.

If all else fails …

If you cope with the guile Baidusd it does not work, refer to forum. There helpers (people who provide care) for free will give you detailed information on the removal of the program — instruction sripta etc. For it to your PC.

Be careful — what and where to download. In order not to stumble again in the machinations of the Chinese «Baida».

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