How to remove Baidu (Chinese antivirus software) from your computer?

By | 24.04.2016

Baidu antivirus

How to remove the Chinese Baidu antivirus from Windows

Not all Chinese anti-virus software are equally useful. Do not believe me? In vain! This fact not once, not twice proven custom practice. And, unfortunately, sadly, too many problems, some of them deliver. That’s free antivirus Baidu — also persona non grata (ie, unwanted person) in the Windows operating system.

Yes, the developers of the eponymous company from China fervently and passionately argue that, say, our brainchild tirelessly and continuously protects computers from hacker attacks and does not ask for money, and update their signature databases, and so on-all, of course, necessary and effective. But all these positive properties fade against the background of their opposite — negative. Which, by the way, more.

If suddenly appeared in the Windows «Baida» shout «Trouble!»

So, before you five reasons (or five troubles, that’s what you like), indicating that you want to remove Baidu, and then — not regret sodeyanom:

  • distributed in the network with the help of viral modules adware and malware;
  • arbitrarily, «the quiet», installed in the system (like a virus!);
  • not removed from the operating system using the built-in uninstaller (the other drivers after restarting the system clean and re-install Baidu);
  • complicated procedure for the removal of individual elements of the antivirus (developers should consider the protection of registry entries and files from being accessed);
  • Chinese software to protect your PC in most cases conflict with other antivirus products installed: Windows slows down sharply functioning, reduces the level of security, etc.

Thus, we consider in detail how to remove Baidu from the computer completely, «without the noise and dust.»

Activation uninstaller

1. In the «Start» go to «Control Panel».

2. Activate the «Uninstall a program».

3. In the catalog installed software, as a rule, there are two components of Baidu (easy to find on the list, as the name indicated characters). Start the uninstall icon from the «Blue Shield» (guard unit — protection).


4. Select it by clicking the mouse and then click on the top panel function «Change / Remove».

5. The uninstaller panel, press the left button (it is not highlighted in blue).

6. In subsequent requests also activate the button located on the left.

7. Upon completion of the removal procedure, press the blue button at the bottom of the panel.

8. Return to the list of software and run the uninstaller in the same way «green shield»: Click the left button → Change / Remove.

removing the second module

9. To confirm the removal of Baidu antivirus press the left button at the bottom of the window. Also klikayte it and in future requests.

10. After cleaning is finished, click the big green button to close the uninstaller.

Turn off services and processes

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode:

boot menu
  • in the process of restarting hold «F8»;
  • in the menu cursor keys to select «Safe Mode»;
  • Press «Enter».

2. Turn off services which use an antivirus:

OS options
  • Open the «Control Panel»;
  • setting in «View» set to «Large Icons»;
  • go to the «Administration»;
  • double-click the left button on the icon «Services»;
  • disable the services used by Antivirus (they are not difficult to identify by name): 2 times click on the Service → select «Startup type» option setting «Disabled».
section of the "Administration"

3. To complete the process, «Baida»:

active processes
  • press «Ctrl + Shift + Esc»;
  • tab «Processes» in the Manager window;
  • BaiduProtect disable active antivirus files, bddownloader: right click on the name → complete the process.

Note. The processes Baidu may also have other names. Their distinctive feature — the presence of characters in the description (see the relevant column in the object field).

Clean startup

Setting the startup can be carried out as a regular means of the system, and with the help of special tools. Let us examine each of the solutions to the problem individually.

Method №1: OS functions

1. Click «Start» and type in a row — msconfig, and then press «Enter».

2. Click the «Startup».

3. Turn off the startup baidusdTray and other elements, the title of which have anti-virus name:

  • click remove «check mark» in front of the element;
  • Click «Apply» and «OK»;
  • when you exit the window «System Configuration» give up the operating system to reboot.

Method №2: CCleaner utility

  1. Run CCleaner, select «Tools» section.
  2. Activate the panel click «Startup.»
  3. Left-click on the item «Baida».
  4. Click the «Delete».
  5. Close the utility window.

Removal of the remaining files and folders

1. Open the Program Files / x86 directory and delete the folder in which BaiduSD <version number>: right click → Delete.

Remove folder BaiduSD

2. To completely remove all remnants, scan your system for files with the name «baidu»:

  • press the key combination «Win + E»;
  • in the line «Find Computer» (located in the upper right corner), enter the «baidu» and press «Enter»;
  • all found objects, remove the standard way (the command «Delete» or drag in the «shopping cart»).
Search for items antivirus

3. Open the directory of the C: drive (or partition on which the system is installed) → Windows → System32 → Drivers.

4. Remove the Drivers folder in the following files:

  • BDMWrench.sys
  • BDSafeBrowser.sys
  • bd0004.sys
  • BDMNetMon.sys
  • BDArKit.sys
  • bd0003.sys
  • bd0002.sys
  • bd0001.sys
  • bd64_x86.dll
  • bd64_x64.dll

registry Key Verification

1. Press the «Win + R».

2. Type regedit, in the «Run», click «OK».

3. In the Registry Editor, open interface: Edit → Find (or «Ctrl + F»).

4. In the line «Find» enter the query «baidu». Start the analysis directory click «Find Next.»

5. Remove the detected antivirus key:

registry check
  • Click on the entries (right);
  • «Delete» (Directive in the context menu).

6. Press «F3», to resume scanning.

7. Analyze all the directories.


Download Dr.Web CureIt! and check it all the partitions on the disk for viruses. Clean Windows from unnecessary files and registry keys-cleaner program SSleaner or Reg Organizer. Update the base of the main antivirus.

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