How to remove AVG from your computer and what to do if it is not removed

By | 24.04.2016


How to remove AVG: three proven ways

The AVG, like any antivirus product, has its advantages and disadvantages. The preponderance of the latter in the eyes of the user leads to the fact that he makes a decision to remove it from the computer and begins to make efforts in this direction. And it is worth noting that it is not always successful. The first fiasco tolerate newcomers — comrades, communicating with the PC exclusively on «you». They were unaware that the anti-virus — a special category of programs with built-in self-defense mechanism that remove the standard way is sometimes impossible.

However, there is nothing wrong in the fact that the user does not know how to uninstall AVG from your computer. Remember how Pushkin «The experience of the son of hard mistakes …?» Well, then, it’s time to start the practice: learn how to remove AVG from Windows — correctly, dust, noise, nervous breakdowns and other side effects. Incidentally, in the implementation of these tasks lies the primal freedom of PC owners — wanted to put, I wanted deleted!

Method №1: Remove AVG special utility

He is the first, and he also has the best, for the recommended anti-virus developers AVG. Remover utility will help you to quickly and easily remove Antivirus — almost one click.
1. Open the browser official website of AVG (

2. Hover over the «Support» in the drop-down submenu, select «Downloads & Updates».

Downloads & Updates

3. On the next page, click the Downloads tab «Tools.»


4. Scroll down the list of links to download «Removal Tool AVG».

Caution utility completely removes antivirus of.sayte presented in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. If you do not know the type (bit) Windows, installed on your PC, go through the «Control Panel» in the «System and Security» section, click «System» and find the column «System type.» It will be specified bit OS.

5. Click on one of the links (for 32x or 64x, depending on the type of Windows), wait for the download to complete.

6. Run the tool as administrator (file avg_remover_stf).

7. Confirm your intention to remove the anti-virus from the system: in the window «AVG Remover — Warning», click «Yes».

AVG Remover

8. Progress in removing AVG will be displayed in the console. Upon completion of the work tool will automatically reboot the OS.

Now you can set another antivirusnik — from AVG was gone!

Method №2: removal using SSleaner

CCleaner program famous as an inveterate «cleaner» operating system. But not only that its advantages: it may well remove and anti-virus from your computer — And quality.

1. Run CCleaner.


2. In the vertical menu (left icon), select «Tools».

3. Click the item «Remove Programs» in the sub-menu (the adjacent column with options).

4. From the list of anti-virus AVG, and select it with the cursor install programs.

5. Click «Uninstall.»

6. antivirus uninstaller panel will be displayed. Follow its instructions.

7. Restart your PC.

8. Reopen CCleaner and using its functions «Clean» and «Registry», save the operating system from useless files and registry entries, including those that are «left» the AVG.

Method №3: removal regular Windows tools

It is worth noting that the use of this method is not always effective — AVG removed partially or not at all removed. This happens for different reasons:

  • attempts were made to send items to cart without uninstalling antivirus (incorrectly!);
  • Virus damaged Windows system files;
  • there was a software conflict with other applications.

Tip! If during the execution of instructions located below, you encounter such problems, do not break your head in vain and try the other way. Surely this situation AVG Remover CCleaner and cope better.

  1. Press «Win» or click the «Start» button in the taskbar.
  2. Go to «Control Panel».
  3. Set the option «View:» (a kind of à la carte) — «Category».
  4. Click «Uninstall a program» under «Programs.»
  5. In the list of installed programs, place the cursor on the icon AVG and click the left mouse button.
  6. At the top of the list in the menu bar, click «Erase».
  7. In the case of the «right response» to the OS of your actions, AVG uninstaller panel will appear on the monitor. Carefully read its instructions to complete the removal correctly.
  8. Restart Windows.
  9. Run any program cleaner and clean the system: remove the contents of the Temp folder, check the integrity of the registry, etc.
  10. Be sure to install your other anti-virus — do not leave the computer unprotected.

Good luck to you, dear reader, in the use of a PC! Let your choice of anti-virus software will not be limited by anything.

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