How to remove Avast from your computer completely (in Windows 7/8)

By | 13.04.2016

Avast antivirus

How to remove Avast Free Antivirus / Internet Security / Premier

Avast Antivirus with the default settings to protect your folders and files from third-party interference. Developers gave his «survival instinct» in order to increase the level of security of the system. There is a separate category of viruses that incapacitate Windows 7/8 and XP software advocates or family «forced» them to miss other malware on the PC. That’s just from such Avast and protected.

Problem situations involving the removal of

It is worth noting that, despite its usefulness and necessity, this feature is Avast sometimes gives users a PC or laptop, a lot of trouble. Attempts to remove under certain circumstances antivirusnik sees as an attack, an assault on his integrity, and thus gives back.

Some users after failed attempts to try to remove Avast parts: find his folders / files and send to cart. And thus further exacerbating an already problematic situation.

Individual elements flatly refuse to leave hearth and home computer. It creates only the visual appearance that the antivirus deleted. Installers of other software products that provide safety, the installation is interrupted, pointing to the presence in the Avast software system.

Also, there are difficulties (incorrect installation, system failures) and the transition to a different version of the product, such as Avast Free Antivirus on the Internet Security or Premier.

How to properly remove?

method №1

The proper and effective recipe to solve this problem — the use of proprietary tools from the company Avast! (Uninstall utility). It allows you to quickly, correctly, and most importantly, completely remove the antivirus software from the PC.
Follow the steps below to enable it:

1. Make the request in a search engine (Google or Yandex, without a difference) — download avastclear (so-called utility).

2. Click on the first link in the SERP (

link to download avastclear

3. On the «Tool to remove Avast», in the first list item, click avastclear.exe.

Utilities download on PC

4. The program will start downloading to your PC. Wait until it is finished.

5. Start avastclear.

6. Agree with the recommendation to remove the anti-virus program in safe mode: Click «Yes».

choice of the Safe Mode

7. After the restart, the utility window that appears, click «Continue» (leave the field adjusting unchanged).

program settings

8. Do not turn off your computer and do not run other applications while antivirusnik removed. Upon completion of the procedure, restart your computer in normal mode.

method №2

This guide is only recommended to apply in the event that you do not have at hand Avastclear, and you can not download it.

To remove the antivirus program, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the Avast icon in the system tray (on the right side of the taskbar).

2. Click «Settings» in the vertical menu interface antivirus.

Avast interface

3. «Troubleshooting» section, go to the Setup window.

4. Remove the «check mark» next to the option «Enable self-defense module …».

5. Close all windows.

6. Open the Control Panel via the menu «Start» (Windows icon at the bottom of the display).

7. Click «Uninstall a program».

8. Highlight Avast mouse click on the list of an installed software.

installed software catalog

9. Click «Erase» at the top of the program directory.

10. In the uninstaller virus scan, select «Delete» (the last icon of the vertical menu).

11. Click «Continue».

uninstaller Avast

12. After uninstall restart the OS.

№3 method

In fact, in its essence, it is an alternative method №2. It involves activation of special utilities that allow you to remove completely from the system virtually any application.
To get rid of Avast is possible with the help of:

  • SSleaner (Tools → Remove Programs);
  • Revo Uninstaller Pro;
  • Uninstall Tool and other analogues.

removal algorithm is quite simple (for example, Revo Uninstaller):

  1. On the «All Programs» (in other utilities may display the list), right-click the antivirus icon.
  2. Select «Delete» from the context menu.
  3. Follow the recommendations of the uninstaller. The system does not restart.
  4. Select scan mode «Advanced». Start the analysis ( «Scan» button).
  5. All results Revo Uninstaller files and registry entries remain after uninstallation, delete.


Before you install another antivirus clean file directories and system registry CCleaner utility.

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