How to remove Avast from your computer: 3 ways to completely remove

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How to completely uninstall Avast from my computer?

To uninstall AVAST (Free, Pro, Internet Security), as well, and for other anti-virus programs that use standard Windows procedures are not enough. The thing is that the software that provides security of your PC, the more strongly «attached» to the file system and registry. As well as actively using the software tools of self-preservation.

Many users unaware of this feature, when you try to remove Avast often faced with distinctive challenges:

  • properly perform uninstall (part of the core remains in the OC, cluttered system partition);
  • generally can not remove (attempts to send in a basket, Antivirus regarded as a malicious third-party intervention).

Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent these problems a party. These steps in detail will tell you how to uninstall Avast, based on the specific situation and your level of user skills.

Preparing for removal procedure

Regardless of which method is used uninstall, the first thing you want to disable the antivirus module is self-defense. Quite often, it is it prevents the user effort.

  1. Click in the system tray (bottom right corner of your desktop) icon Avast.
  2. Select «Settings» (in the form of gears icon) in the main menu.
  3. Click «Troubleshooting» in the submenu that appears.
  4. In the Settings list, deselect «Enable self-defense module …».


After disabling the option, the antivirus will warn about potential security threats PC. But do not worry — in this situation it is the right move.

Click «Yes» and confirm their intentions.

METHOD №1: uninstall antivirus utility Avastclear

It should be noted that this method is the most appropriate, and most importantly, reliable. It does not require from the owner of the computer the special knowledge and skills regarding the use of the OS. Avastclear established developers Avast antivirus, and she can trust at 100%. Well, who else but the creators of the product, more so knows his features and properties!

1. Go to the official website of the company «AVAST» (

2. Place your cursor on the «Support» section and click on «Downloads».


3. On the next page, select the «removal tool ….»

4. Locate the bottom of the statement. Click on «avastclear.exe» link located in the first paragraph it.

screenshot 2

5. Wait for the download to a PC and run the utility (as administrator).

Run as administrator

6. Confirm OC reboot in safe mode — the button «Yes».

7. After restarting the system in the drop down menu utility, select the name of the product that is installed (eg avast! Free) and activate the command «Delete».

screenshot 3

8. Avastclear display panel on its progress in implementing the procedure, and then ask you to confirm the reboot. Click «Yes».

If all the steps have been performed correctly, by Avast antivirus will remain «no trace of any spots»!

METHOD №2: Uninstall Windows Antivirus regular means

This option requires the user to more skill and effort. Nevertheless, great rescues when at hand there is no special software to delete files and folders. And when you can not download the utility Avastclear and use it accordingly.

Warning: If you have never worked with the registry and file system OC, better consult a specialist repair and tuning your PC. Otherwise, instead of one problem may appear two or three. And if not the car will lose efficiency.

1. Disable self-defense Avast module. Go to the «Start» menu and open the Control Panel.

2. Select «Uninstall a program».

3. Locate the pop-up list of antivirus programs, select the computer mouse, and then click the «Delete» option in the top menu.

screenshot 4

4. Re-click «Start», type in «the regedit» line. Click a shortcut icon in the «Programs» list with the same name. This registry editor: it will be removed from your computer after uninstalling all the remaining entries and keys related to Avast.

5. Click «Browse …» in the sub-menu «Edit» editor.

6. Write in the «Find:» box the word «avast» (! Necessarily in Latin), and click the «Find Next.»

7. Analyze your search results and remove the entries that contain in their name anti-virus name (eg 00avast section).

screenshot 5

8. Continue to search ( «Edit» option >> «Find Next»). It is necessary to completely remove all of the remaining keys.

screenshot 6

Warning: If your PC is stored on the hard drive installer anti-virus program, and it also appears in the registry (the directory will be available, where it is located). Leave this entry in the editor as is. And better to delete the file, use the standard Windows function from the context menu.

screenshot 6

9. Open Windows Explorer, OC, in the search box, type «avast», press «ENTER» key.

screenshot 7

10. Highlight the LC mouse found antivirus system files, open the menu and click «Delete.»

screenshot 8

Reboot your PC and enjoy the lack of Avast!

METHOD №3: uninstall antivirus utility Revo Uninstaller Pro

Universal solution: suitable for both experienced and novice users. The only condition — the presence of PC utilities on your hard drive.

1. Start Revo Uninstaller, locate the Avast program list.
2. Hover your mouse over the antivirus icon, click PC, and then click «Remove.»
3. It activates the «native» uninstaller program. Use it by clicking «Continue».
4. At the end of the uninstall, click «Restart later».
5. Go to Revo Uninstaller window, select the type of scan «Advanced» button and click «Scan».

screenshot 9

6. Check all utility found folders and files ( «Select All»), press the «Delete» and then «Finish». Similar actions to carry out the identified registry entries.

screenshot 10

After removal procedure, empty the trash and restart Windows!

The second and third methods can be used to remove other antivirus products. Principles and objectives are similar — complete cleaning of the OC.

Good luck to you in the development of the PC, dear reader!

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