How to remove instructions for popular browsers

By | 27.04.2016

Remove Ask toolbar

How can I completely remove browsers — search engine. Positioning itself as a service «the answers to the questions.» It was founded in 1996. Has nothing to do with the virus, imaginary Qvo6 systems, Webalta and the like. However, sometimes the toolbar is prescribed in the browser when the application installation is carried out. This happens in most cases, the user’s carelessness: in the installer does not disable the optional program.

In practice, in relation to Runet, is less useful than the same Google or Yandex, as focused primarily on the English-speaking audience. In addition, some ordinary people genuinely frustrating presence of a toolbar in the browser service — partly modified interface, inconvenient to search for information.

Accordingly, it comes to the desire to remove and restore the original settings of Internet browsers. The task in general, is simple, but still requires some skills and knowledge.

If you «emblazoned» in Firefox or another browser, follow these instructions. It will help you get rid of it — quickly and efficiently.

Deleting toolbar regular operating system tools

1. In the Windows start menu ( «Start» icon), click «Control Panel».
2. In the «Programs», click «Uninstall a program».
3. Click the icon list of programs.
4. In the top menu, activate the «Delete».
5. Follow the uninstaller.

Restore settings from Avast spetsutilitoy

1. Go to the page of.sayta Avast —
2. In «of Avast Browser Cleanup» section, click «Download» button.
3. After the download is complete, run the utility by double-clicking.

Utility Avast!  Clearing your browser

4. In the vertical graphical menu alternately click the icon of each browser and start the function «Reset» (click on button).

Note. Completely remove the Ask search engine from the browser can be manually. But in this case, you will need more time and effort. Plus — the necessary supply of skills. For beginners Avast- utility is the best option.

Setting the browser home page

Toolbar is no longer on your PC. It remains the case for small: it is necessary to remove a link to Ask in the option «Home» in all browsers.


1. Click the «Settings» (icon «cog» — at the top, right).
2. In the menu, select «Set up the superstructure.»
3. Activate mouse click «Search».

Internet Explorer add-ons

4. In the next panel, left click on the icon «Ask».
5. Click the «Delete» from the context menu.


1. In the browser menu, go to «Settings».
2. Click on «Manage search engines» in the settings «Search» box.

Setup & quot; Search Engines & quot;  in Google Chrome

3. In the new window, look for a link to Ask and click «Remove» (in the lower field — the icon «cross»).
4. After changing the settings, click «Finish».
5. On the «Settings» page, under «Appearance», click the link «Change» (option «Quick Access Pages»).

changes in the New Tab page

6. In the «Home page» enable radio button «Next».
7. Ask Remove link in the row next to the radio button. And then enter the link in the desired search engine ( and
8. Click «OK».


1. At the top of the interface, in the field marked with «lens», click on the icon «down arrow».
2. In the drop-down menu, click «Manage Search Engines».
3. In the list of search engines by clicking the mouse highlight the «Ask».

Ask removal in FF

4. Click the «Delete», then — «OK».
5. Open the «Tools» (FF main menu), select «Settings».

change your home page in FF

6. On the «General» tab:

  • Click «Restore Default»;
  • in the line «Homepage», enter the address of the desired search engine (eg Google);
  • click «OK».


1. In the «Tools» (basic menu), go to the «General Settings».
2. In the line «Home:» enter the desired search engine.

Opera setting

3. In the same window click on the tab «Search».
4. In the «Search» list, select the cursor icon Ask. Click consecutively «Delete» button and «OK».

That’s all you need to do to delete this search engine. Relaxing your internet surfing. Good luck!

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