How to remove Anyprotect a computer for free?

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How to remove Anyprotect program from Windows

Anyprotect application offers users a «golden mountain»: backups, remote file storage, quick access to them online. And that’s not all. The developers of this software miracle (allegedly!), Do not hesitate to claim that if the purchase (in the sense, Anyprotect), all for $ 59.99, the goodies will be even greater. Literally at times.

It would seem that a great offer. Only now has it in one big «BUT», or bold question mark, that’s what you like. The program, like, in essence, provides security, secretly gets on your PC without permission and, so to speak, «the quiet», is set in Windows. Suspicious concern, is not it ?!

In other words, Anyprotect — nothing more than a virus — dangerous software, which in any case can not trust their data and much, especially to buy it. Moreover, you need to hurry to evict this infection from your computer, otherwise problems with the confidentiality of personal data can not escape!

The behavior of malware in the system

Through the web page malicious site or a third-party installer infected program, the virus copies the files on the PC. Usually, he places them in a folder Temp. Then enters the other directories, i.e. samoinstalliruetsya:

  • • registers in the startup of the system to run when the operating system starts;
  • • sets in the registry folder with your keys and directives;
  • • placing your shortcuts on the desktop and the taskbar.
Advertising panel Anyprotect

Anyprotect running in the background. After the release of its browser interface automatically starts and opens the site Removing virus application by regular means the control panel is difficult (some malicious files and folders are in place).

So, let us consider in detail the instructions on how to remove Anyprotect of the OS.

Stopping the application process

1. Press the key combination «Ctrl + Shift + Esc» To start Windows Task Manager.

2. Open the «Processes» tab in the window manager.

3. In the list, locate the active processes of malware. They can have the following names:

  • AnyProtect.lnk (or .exe)
  • ProcessKiller.dll
  • AnyProtectScannerSetup.exe
  • AnyProtectTrayIcon.exe
  • APSnotifierCA.job
malicious processes

4. And then disable them, right click on the process → End Process (function in the contextual menu).

5. Close the Windows Task Manager.

Activation uninstaller

1. Open the «Start» menu.

2. Enter in the line «Find …» — appwiz.cpl

installed software catalog

3. In the list of an installed software, right-click on the icon Anyprotect and select «Delete.»

Attention! If the application is not listed, proceed to the next stage of the treatment system.

Cleaning the registry

1. Press the «Win + R» key.

2. In the «Run» type — regedit.

viral registry keys

3. Review the following registry folder and delete them all entries containing the name of the virus, including the folder (right click → Delete):

  • HKCU → Software → AnyProtect
  • HKLM → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Uninstall → AnyProtect
  • HKCU → Software → Microsoft → Internet Explorer → IETld (← uninstall the application)

Additionally, in order to prevent, scan all sections of the registry to completely neutralize malicious program:

  1. In the Editor window, click: Edit → Find.
  2. In the search box, set — anyprotect.
  3. Activate mouse click function «Find Next.»
  4. Discovered remove keys the same way (see para. №3).
  5. After the neutralization procedure, continue scanning, press «F3».

Deleting files

1. Press the «Win + E».

2. In the top part of the window, in the line where it says «Computer», type% appdata% and press ENTER (the same name will open a directory).

enter% appdata%

3. Remove it a folder called malicious applications.

In the same way (see paragraphs №1-3.) Check and, if necessary, clean the folder:

virus folder
  • % Temp% → nsy.tmp, nsy8.tmp (installers virus);
  • % Programs% → AnyProtect PC BackUp ( «store» backup);
  • % Programfiles% → AnyProtectEx.


Check the system partition utilities treating AdwCleaner and Free Anti-Malware (they are distributed free of charge through ofsayta developers). Remove unwanted files and folders, and registry entries from your system using the program Reg Organizer or CCleaner.

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