How To Remove Antivirus Doctor Web (Dr.Web) from your computer

By | 24.04.2016


How to completely remove yourself Dr.Web antivirus

Anti of Dr.Web, just like any other anti-virus, OS has higher priority relative to other programs. He was the first loaded when you start your PC to control the launch of applications and processes, monitors all network connections, analyze real-time performance of the system (install, upgrade, start, settings), etc.

In connection with this feature, users, especially beginners, are not always work correctly remove Dr. Web. Antivirus or completely refused «to leave» Windows, or leaves its individual elements (files), which further impede the installation of other security applications.

To avoid these problematic situations — that is, to completely remove of Dr.Web — a popular antivirus developers strongly recommend to use the methods described below.

Removing the Windows Control Panel

1. Open the «Start» menu (left-click on the icon «the Windows» in the taskbar).

2. Click «Control Panel».

3. Activate the option «Uninstall a program» under «Programs.»

4. Place the cursor on the icon of «Doctor Web» and then click the right mouse button.

5. To run the uninstaller «Doctor Web», the shortcut menu, click «Erase».

6. In the antivirus uninstaller asks you to specify whether to save the settings and the individual elements of the program after the removal is necessary. If necessary, set a checkmark in the specified parameters ( «Quarantine», «Dr. Web Settings …», «Protected copies …»).

screenshot 1

7. Click «Next» button.

8. Restart your PC. Make sure that antivirus software is not in the system tray (the right side of the taskbar).

Attention! If you can not remove by regular means «Doctor Web» system, use spetsutilitu Anti-Virus Remover.

Removing Dr.Web with the utility Anti-Virus Remover

Anti-Virus Remover — Program Assistant, created by the specialists of «Doctor Web». Designed to deliver user the following problematic situations: anti-virus software is not removed; «Remnants» of the damaged installation prevent reset the antivirus program; option does not work uninstall Windows, etc.

1. Open your browser (Firefox, Google Chrome) official website of «Doctor Web».

screenshot 2

2. move the «Download» section at the cursor in the menu bar (top of the web page).

3. Click in the panel that «kit system administrator.»

4. Download Anti-Virus Remover (link «removal tool …»).

screenshot 3

5. Run Remover as administrator (right click on the icon of the utility, run from the context menu) to correctly remove Dr.Web.

run as administrator

6. Type in the data shown in the picture, in the «Enter the numbers ..». This must be done for safety reasons — to antivirus has identified you as a «live user» (sometimes viruses randomly launch uninstaller — trying to remove the «Doctor Web»).

7. Click «Delete» button.

Anti-Virus Remover

8. To remove all files and folders from your computer Dr.Web, the utility will prompt you for permission to restart Windows. The information window «to complete the job …», click «Yes».

screenshot 3

After «will work» utility Anti-Virus Remover, you can easily install other antivirus or again to reinstall Dr.Web.

Successful removal of you, dear reader!

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