How do I delete an album VKontakte (saved empty) and a photo in the VC

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How to remove the saved photos in VKontakte

Occasionally, when someone throws out, or something worse, burned photo albums, greeting cards collection, illustration. Still moments last days of life, favorite arts — a memory, a piece of experienced emotions and feelings. They are dear to the heart and soul.

But in real life it happens, to put it on the internet dialect offline. But in the social network Vkontakte remote album — quite an ordinary phenomenon. Tired contemplate once which delighted the gallery, I want to make a brand new compilation on the same subject, but only a «from scratch», but what matters. A couple of clicks and everything — there is no more ballast content on the page. Yes, so fast, and this problem is solved (no exaggeration!), But if the user knows how to delete an album / albums in your profile in the VC.

And you do not have more of this skill? Do not despair! This article will help you find it. And then the picture will assemble once please.

The standard procedure for removal

1. On the main page of their profile in contact in the vertical menu, click «My Photos» section.

VC menu

2. Move the cursor to the upper right corner of the thumbnail photo album from which you want to get rid of. (This may be an empty album is, without a difference.)

"Pencil" icon

3. icon «Pencil», click on it appears under the cursor.

album settings

4. On the Edit tab, under the thumbnail, click the function «Delete album».

"Delete Album"

5. Confirm your intention to remove the gallery In a further query system by clicking the «Remove».

Deleting albums created automatically

«Pictures from my page,» «Photos of you» — albums, stored by the system. They are created when you make avatars or uploading pictures to your profile, in case if there is no other user galleries. They can not edit or delete the method described in the above instructions. But, nevertheless, you can clean up, selectively removing them in all the photos.

1. Go to the «My Photos» section.

2. Left-click on the thumbnail of the album.

photo settings

3. In the gallery, select the photos. And then in the vertical menu under the avatar, click «Delete.»

Repeat steps №2 and №3, until all the pictures disappear.

Can I restore album?

Recovery of deleted albums are not provided in the functional profile. Go back only individual photos, if immediately on neobnovlёnnoy page click «Restore».

However, the chance to see the missing image still is. Try the following actions to take on their «revival»:

1. Refer to a friend VKontakte, you may send files to them from the gallery, or they have a copy. So quite often in joint photo taken during a holiday picnic.

2. If the removal of the album happened recently, check your browser’s cache. In it persists all Web pages, including the image.

Consider the «pull» process pictures from the cache to the example of the popular browser Firefox:

cache FF
  • type in the address bar — about: cache device = disk?
  • press Enter;
  • On the information page, click the link «List Cache Entries»;
  • review the list of references, locate and open the VK;
  • again activate the url in the section «Cashe entry information»;
  • if you are lucky, you will open the desired image or photo;
  • make it a screenshot or save the item as a web page on the PC and copy the file from the folder <name> _files.
link cached
Save Image

Attention! If you open another image (which you do not need), or code, scripts, try to see the other links of the cache.

3. Search engines like Google bot makes copies of visited web pages, including personal profiles of VKontakte. They can be deleted by mistake photos and pictures (of course, provided that the copy is made to delete an album).

To dig a saved copy of your browser, follow these steps:

  • in the Google search bar, enter the address of the page;
  • extradition, near links to a personal profile, click on the icon «triangle top down»;
  • click «Stored copy.»

4. Review the photo archives, stored on a PC, DVD drives, USB flash drives, maybe they lost photos are stored.

5. Contact the technical support VKontakte with a request to restore the album. It may well be that the images are stored on more social network server.

Let all of your photos and pictures there! Good luck!

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