How to remove Youtube account (an account and profile on YouTube)

By | 24.04.2016

channel on YouTube removal

How do I delete an account on YouTube, saving account

Some users who wish to delete your account at Youtube, mistakenly believe that you can perform this procedure only if you completely get rid of the profile. And, actually, and come, losing data, content, and other information related to other Google services: email, blog, maps, etc. Since they are all attached to one account (the entrance is under a single login and password).

But you can retire with Yutuba in another way, without resorting to such drastic measures. Why destroy the entire profile, if there is a need to remove the only channel on the video sharing ?! By the way, on Youtube account, you can not just delete, saving the other services, but also temporarily disable, hide from other users.

Thus, we consider in detail all the options regarding Google Yutuba.

Method №1: rapid removal

1. Open the profile that created the video channel.

2. In a new tab, enter the address — (and press Enter).

account setup

3. In the «Settings …» make sure that the open tab «General Information».

"Delete channel" button

4. In the last block settings, click «Delete …».

5. Enter the password of your account.

6. Confirm your intention to remove the channel on Youtube.

Caution Google+ page, which is tied to the video sharing channel, after its removal remains unchanged, ie, preserved, as, indeed, the entire profile (see. note under the delete button).

Method №2: removal with predefined settings

1. Please login, and then open the page — or click on the avatar account and click the «My Account».

Page "My Account"

2. In the «Account Settings» section, select «Turn off services …».

section "Disabling services"

3. Go to the «Delete services» section.

removal services

4. In the list of services in the field of Youtube, click «Shopping Cart» icon.

Yotube selection list

5. Select one of the two proposed options:

Two variants removal

1) «I want to remove content» — a global clean content. It has two add-ons:

superstructure, "I want to remove content"
  • delete can not be restored (including videos, playlists, subscriptions and subscribers, and others.);
  • partial preservation of data (comments and posts in Google+), provided that the account will not be deleted Google+. (Otherwise, the information will disappear).

Check the box opposite the desired option and click «Erase All Content».

Caution allowed simultaneous operation of the two add-ons.

2) «I want to hide the channel» — Includes 5 add-ons:

  • restricting access to other users to video, playlists, estimates, subscriptions;
  • removal without restoring comments published before this date (count is conducted from the date of registration of the profile);
  • saving messages, comments lined with Google+ page;
  • Disable display Youtube tabs on your page;
  • storing information of other services.

activate the «Hide» function After switching on the add-ons.

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