How do I delete an account in Odnoklassniki: instructions for the PC and phone

By | 12.04.2016


How to delete your account classmates?

Oh, these «Odnoklassniki»! Just visit the page — and rushed: an endless tape of news, … umpteenth level Sudoku, social surveys in the groups, the sea of ​​messages from friends. God forbid, if at least some portion of a virtual cultural and entertainment program in the «Classmates» will be skipped. It does not matter what day — weekend or weekday; and no matter the time of day — day, evening, night. All are one!

A vremechko some runs — is not standing still. According to statistics, many users visiting your account in the social network for 2-3 hours a day (if not more!), Begin to notice that they have not time catastrophically cope with everyday obligations and planned activities. And, as a rule, are beginning to take measures to reduce the «appetite» to rest in the «Classmates».

Some comrades, before you go to account, declare themselves something like: «Social networks — hour, and the case — time.» Others — decided on a bold move and are considering how to remove the account and classmates finally and irrevocably.

So, dear reader, if you belong to the second group, radical-minded users, or for some other reason do not wish to observe your own account on the popular social network, use the downstream instruction. It will help you remove the personal page in 5 minutes.

Deleting a profile in the «Classmates» by setting function

1. Log into your account and scroll down tape of events, while not seem to lower the site menu ( «basement»).

2. Locate the item in it «Regulations» (far right column) and click on it.


3. Again, the page with a long list of rights and duties, scroll down (for quick scrolling (scroll), use the slider side browser, rather than mouse wheel — it’s faster!).

4. Under the regulations are 2 links. Select «Cancel Service».

Refuse Service

5. A special form, which will need to specify the reason for which you choose to remove your account in the «Classmates».


Put a check in front of the most appropriate option. For example, «stop use …».

6. In the field located under the horizontal gallery of photos, enter the password you use to log in to your profile.

7. Once again, think about whether you really want to delete the personal page in the «Classmates». If the same «Yes!» — Press the «Delete all»; change your mind — click «Cancel»: the social network system will understand that the desire to delete your account has been reckless and returns you to a page limit.

After pressing the delete button on the resource server disappear not only your personal data, but also to correspondence with friends, photos, and assess them, comments, profiles in games.

Follow the instructions steps again, log on to classmates, to make sure that you were able to completely remove the profile. In an attempt to enter a login and password, the system will display a message stating that the account no longer exists ( «removed at the user’s request») and can not restore it.

Removing personal page in the «Classmates» with a cell phone
Remove your page in the social network «Odnoklassniki» from the phone only in the full version of the site. The fact that the developers of security concerns in the mobile version removed the delete function.

To delete a profile, follow these steps on your smartphone:

  • point your browser to the mobile version of «Classmates»;
  • Enter login and password;
  • in the user menu, click «Full version»;
  • to remove a personal profile, use the above instructions for the PC.

Tip! If you can not get rid of the account in a standard way (on your PC or phone — without a difference), please contact technical support. To do this, go to the «Regulations», scroll down and click the link «Contact Support». The form of treatment enter personal data, and in the «Description» field, enter a letter with a request to delete the profile. Some time later, an email to the specified, Odnoklassniki support will send you an email with instructions for action.

Good luck to you, dear reader! And let the old profile in the «Classmates» you no longer worried.

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