How do I delete an account (profile) on Twitter and disable an account?

By | 24.04.2016

Twitter account deletion

How do I delete my profile (account) on Twitter?

According to statistics from the search engine Yandex, in 2011 the number of microblogging in Russian, created in Twitter exceeded 5 million. 600 thousand. What to say about this day, when the court of the 2015?

But, nevertheless, in spite of the popularity of social network space Twitter, still are willing to delete your current account in its virtual space. Is it good or bad? Of course, to solve them; strictly speaking, a private matter. And then, the desire to remove once dear and beloved account comes to mind, and if you want, even in the heart and soul, for various reasons. Tired of communication on the Web, it would be desirable to have a brand new profile on Twitter, if not hide from anyone … Well, anything can happen …

So, whatever it was, it is necessary to know how to delete an account on Twitter, without further research, and the loss of precious nerve cells. Actually, this issue is devoted to this article.

Consider the step by step instructions on how to remove the personal page of Twitter.

When you disconnect your account

1. Log into your account on the tweeter.

2. Click on the miniature avatars. It is located at the top of the page, to the right, near the «Tweet» button.

Profile menu

3. In the menu, select «Settings». Transfers the options on the page.

4. Ensure that the opened tab «My account».

account settings

5. Scroll through the Web page down settings. And then click the «Disable account».

account disabling

6. In the «So say goodbye?» Check out the removal, and other useful information on alternative profile settings. Further:

Remove Profile
  • • if you would like to tell the management of social networks, why did you decide to leave, then click on the link «Tell us» (located in the first line under the heading);
  • • If you need to quickly remove an account, click «delete account …».

7. In a further window, enter your password on the page and then click the Delete button.


8. Once clicked, a browser page with the message «… off the record.» Your profile will no longer be available to other users. However, within 30 days of its entire data stored on social network server. And only at the end of this period they disappear forever.

disconnect message

Tip! Do you want to immediately create a new account? On the same page, click the link in the last line «Click here».

How to restore an account on Twitter?

If you suddenly get bored at his microblogging, and a month from the date of removal has not yet passed an account profile can be easily restored. Go to Twitter, using your login. And then in the browser page opens, and in the same form as before.

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