How to delete the account «other around» (page) and change the profile, photos

By | 24.04.2016

"Friend around"

How to completely remove the page «Friend around»

«Friend around» — an online chat room for young people — a miniature social network with its own messenger. Then you and the huskies, and messages, and a circle of friends and companions search for a given region, and still a lot of all sorts of useful and «buns». In general, communication without borders. Beautiful, comfortable? Very!

Only here sometimes still at some point stalking users insidious little thoughts: «Well it all these network communication» — or something like — «And do not settle whether some other social network?» (But Torquay absolutely discerning sotsiomanov network).

Although there may be other options. The bottom line is that they are all in varying degrees, is supplied to the user decision «Delete account» other around, «and that’s it!» But how to implement it correctly, unfortunately, not everyone knows. And from that, often nervous, especially if the page should be urgently iznichtozhit.

And so it is not necessary! For business this chepuhovoe. But see for yourself, when will learn ways to remove the account below.

Method №1: «Admin, hello and bye!»

As you probably guessed from the name of the method, we are talking about contacting technical support online chat with a request to remove a personal profile.

The default administrator account named «Drugvokrug» has been added as a friend. So, mailboxes, phone, Skype and other communication tools for expression, that is, of showing reluctance, fortunately, do not have to look for.

administrator account

1. In the «Friends» Find Account «Friend around» and go to send a message mode.

send a message

2. The text of the request shall be prepared in the form of concise polite. Enter a reason, because of which no longer want to use the application and, in fact, remain in the chat. Do not use jargon, slang, or even something worse, aggressive statements. For example, «Pers, my troubles, my profit ak!», «I’m your gay … <, and then criticism clearly aggressive form>» etc., etc.

3. When the message is ready, press the «Submit» with great hope for the success of your efforts.

If it is still «ok», after a while your account will be completely deleted. And check it happened or not, is quite easy. Try to go to messenger with your login. A message appears: «No such user». All the problem is permanently solved. Profile open, as if nothing had happened. Wait a little more, or try to leave the «Friend around», employing an alternative method (see. Below).

Method №2: «I — it’s not me»

Technically account is yours, but visually, externally, will know about it only you. In fact, carried out «freeze»: distorted data, change the avatar and other features of the individual accessories (ie, you) to this login.

Changing profiles

1. select the «My profile» section in the main menu of the messenger.

2. Click the icon «Change».

"Change" button

3. Now you need to change the profile of all recognition. «Updating» of the field data, do not hesitate to show imagination in the selection of letters and words. The main thing that there was not a single hint that points to your personality. Change everything, «name», «place of residence», «Interests», «About Me.» And do not forget to save the «new data».

Deleting photos


Again, go to a menu and click on «My Photos». Then replace the portrait to some abstract picture. For example, on «Black Square» by Malevich, no difference. The more carefully «cover their tracks», the better. According to the avatar you will find no one else in the social network. What is actually required.

Removing friends

Parting with all virtual friends-companions made «Friends» section. Alternately, select the profiles in the list, and then a set of actions (located at the bottom of the panel), press «Remove from friends». When you activate the touch in a moment disappears, including correspondence.

Although abstract from external contacts within the chat can be more radical method. To do this, you need to bring all the friends in the disaster: «Messages» → selection → avatars companion option «Ignore.»

Change of status

It seems to be set up and a small, but under certain circumstances can undo all your efforts to disguise (frozen) account. For example, in all fields of profiles flaunts complete gibberish, that is a meaningless set of letters and words, no photos and status — in black and white: «I, John Doe <here your name>, is to engage in dialogue, the thirst to communicate!» Here and will become more understandable guests or who’s who.

So click the icon «#» and enter a string some philosophical stanza status, something like «Hasta la vista!». And it is possible and to the point: «Guys, and so sorry, leaving the social network. Bye!»

That’s all! Now you have a «friend around,» nothing else in common. Is that the presence of the profile, although it is a mere formality.

How to remove Messenger from running Windows?

From rid account? Now you need to remove the application from your computer (the client) social network. Keep it in the system does not make sense (unless, of course, no longer plan to use it).

1. Click «Start» and go to «Control Panel».

2. Click «Uninstall a program» (the «Program» section).

Removing the program

3. In the software, right-click on the «DrugVokrug» and then left-click mini-bar appeared «Change / Remove».

4. Follow the instructions in the uninstaller.

Now it is precisely from the personal account «of others around» nothing left … No Internet, no computer.

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