How to remove agent: a guide and tips

By | 27.04.2016

How to remove Agent with laptop

How to remove a computer from Agent

For the first time users Runet met with agent in 2003, when a recognized favorite among virtual «govorilok» was «ICQ», or ICQ. Newbie instant messenger — agent Email ru — attracted many owners of accounts in the same name mail service: it began to be used as the primary means of online communication.

Years passed. Agent mutated — externally and internally. The developers (the company, and then added to it new features and functions. In the end, it turned out a tiny utility for sending text messages into a powerful virtual communication tool.

It is noteworthy that at all stages of the history of the evolution of the messenger, its rank and file members and then tortured and tormented to this day the same banal question — «how to remove agent computer c» Questioning is justified not only dislike the product, but especially user tasks — «not correctly installed on your PC you need to reinstall,» «you must install the new version,» etc.

If you want to remove the program from agent, but do not know how, then this guide is for you. Carefully read her every step and proceed to action.

1. The first thing you want to disable the application. Right-click on the icon «» located in the system tray (on the taskbar on the right side). In the menu, select «Exit the program».

Screenshot 1

2. The agent has a standard uninstaller. Therefore, it can be removed by regular system tools. Open the «Start» menu (shortcut «the Win») and go to «Control Panel».

3. «View» display mode, set the «Category» window «Configuring computer settings» in the column. Click «Uninstall a program» under «Programs.»

4. Scroll down the list of applications installed on your PC agent Place your mouse over its name or icon. Click the right mouse button context menu and activate already left button function «Change / Remove».

Screenshot 2

5. uninstaller Agent window is displayed. If you do not want to save the message archive and custom settings messenger, check the box next to «Delete file …» option.

Screenshot 3

6. Click «Finish».

7. Uninstalling the agent completed. Close the «Uninstall a Program» and restart the OS.

Tip! Considered a method for removing the app is 100% correct, but, unfortunately, does not produce a rigorous purification system. Therefore — after its implementation is recommended to additionally check the registry for the keys, which left the agent. Of course, this should be done not by hand, but with the help of the cleaning program (for example, CCleaner). All records in which appears the name of the messenger « agent», must be removed.

Screenshot 4

After these manipulations, the agent must retire from running smoothly. Enjoy your use of the PC, dear reader!

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