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By | 24.04.2016

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How to remove the browser hijacker Adverttraff from my PC?

Website registers on the home page of Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera using viral applications — browser hijackers. Thus, attackers increase traffic to the site, and profit from ad impressions on its pages. And still cause trouble and trouble users. In the infected browser is observed most unpleasant «picture»: instead of Google, Yandex or other trusted search engine «shines», from head to toe «hung» sponsored links.

. Note: Some versions of this virus when you start Internet Explorer perform a redirect (redirect) to other dubious websites —, extendedunlimited.

Infection of malicious programs typically occurs when you install a free, unlicensed and cracked software. He secretly enters the operating system, «sounding» as a trusted anti-virus application for browsers.

Let us consider in detail how to remove Adverttraff from the operating system.

Method №1: clean up your registry

1. Click «Start» (the icon «Windows») on the taskbar.

2. In the search bar «Find programs …», type regedit. Press «Enter».

"Start" menu

3. In the Registry Editor, in the block where the displayed thread (folder), click the left button of HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry branch

4. Next, in the same branch, and with the help of mouse clicks, go to: Software → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Run.

Software directory

5. In the next panel Editor to delete the recording, which is the name of the resource obsessive — «adverttraff»:

  • right click on the key;
  • Click the «Delete» from the context menu.
removal of malicious key

Method №2: removal utility CCleaner

1. Start SSleaner.

2. Press the vertical tool interface menu icon «Tools».

3. Select the subsection «Startup.»


4. On the Windows tab, in the adjacent block, locate the object with the following parameters (the contents of the list columns):

  • Section: HKCURun;
  • Program: CMD;
  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation (do not worry, the signature Windows Developer merely clever disguise of the virus);
  • File: cmd.exe / c start …. [Site address advertising] (hereinafter may be prescribed gameharbor, extendedunlimited, they need to be removed too).

5. Highlight the mouse click a malicious entry.

"Delete" button

6. Click the «Delete» button.

7. Restart the OS. Start the browser. The virus in them must be absent.

Additional steps to remove virus

  1. Perform a factory reset and delete the suspicious add-ons in the browser utility Avast Browser Cleanup.
  2. Scan disk partitions antivirus Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Clean disks from unnecessary files, correct errors in the registry cleaner application Reg Organizer.

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