How to Remove Ads by GoSave from your computer?

By | 24.04.2016


How to remove the virus GoSave of Windows?

Ads by GoSave — malicious application-adware (virus). It is being implemented in browsers under the guise of addons. Integrates into HTML-markup open a web page script, displaying ad units. Violates the structure and site design: difficult to use interface, slow upload content, increases the flow of traffic.

Sponsored links posted GoSave, potentially dangerous: redirect the user to the online resources that are spreading dubious, viruses and use sotsinzhenerii methods to lure the money and sensitive information from visitors.

ad units adware

How do you get infected PC?

In most cases, users own «allowed» an advertising module in the operating system by installing a variety of free applications. The thing is that the attackers «redraw» their installers in their own way: they integrate GoSave module and carefully mask its presence not only on the PC owner, but also from the antivirus, which controls the security system.

Warning: Be especially careful when installing the tools downloaded from websites such as,,, and the like. Their owners and partners distribute digital products through a modified boot, created on the basis of 2, 3, or even 4 to 1 (program + additional load modules, including adware).

How to clean OS?

To remove GoSave from the PC, follow the instructions below.

Restoration works browsers

Removing malicious add-ons

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode:

  • Click on the icon «Windows», located on the taskbar;
  • Click «triangle» icon next to the option «Shutdown»;
  • the drop-down menu, select «Reset»;
  • during system startup hold «F8», to open the boot configuration (see the user guide of your PC, this function can be activated by pressing the other);
  • arrow cursor select «Safe Mode» (menu option highlighted);
  • Press «Enter».

2. Remove each browser extension GoSave, as well as other add-ons with a similar name (for example, GoiSave):

addon GoSave


  • press «Ctrl + Shift + A»;
  • in the plug-adware click «Delete.»

Google Chrome:

  • Open Main Menu (Icon «three stripes» in the upper right corner of the window) → Additional Tools → Extensions;
  • Click on the icon «Basket» (Remove from Chrome) add-on in front of the advertising.


  • press «Ctrl + Shift + E»;
  • click the «X» in the expansion GoSave block.

Reset (recovery) settings

Google Chrome
Settings → Show More … → Reset (button at the bottom of the page, in the last block of the options).

option reset

Help → Information for problem solving → button «Clear Firefox» or «Reset Firefox» (in versions not older than 38).

FF menu
the & quot; Reset of Firefox & quot;

Internet Explorer
Service (setup) → Internet Options → Advanced → Reset → enable «Delete personal settings» → «Reset» button.

window & quot; Internet Options & quot;
reset settings

Delete browser without saving and re-install the OS.

Tip! If you are a beginner and not familiar with the browser options, perform a factory reset using the free utility Avast Browser Cleanup.

Deleting files

1. Open the C drive, go to the directory Program Files.

Program Files directory

2. Delete the folder GoSave:

  • click it with the right mouse button;
  • Click the «Delete» from the context menu.

Cleaning the registry

registry editor
  1. Click «Win + R».
  2. In the «Run», type regedit.
  3. Click «OK».
  4. Left click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry branch.
  5. Being in this directory, open the Software → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Uninstall.
  6. Right-click on the folder GoSave. Click the «Delete» from the menu.
  7. Restart Windows in operation (standard) mode.

Prevention of PC

  1. Scan your C drive (system partition) curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!
  2. Clean the drive and registry Reg Organizer utility.

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