How to remove Adobe dtm switch from the browser?

By | 12.04.2016

Adobe dtm switch to Google Chrome

How to get rid of Adobe dtm switch manually and using tools

Free browser extension Adobe dtm switch — virus program called Trojan.Win32.Agentb.bgwu (according to the classification of antivirus web service VirusInfo). It is activated when you start the browser fills the pages of Internet resources advertising and pop-ups. As a result, adminsistemy social networks, especially VKontakte, regard as suspicious user activity and thus require authorization by phone to confirm the account.

In addition, the virus Adobe dtm switch reliably «fixed» in the OS (including browsers) — completely remove it by regular means in most cases impossible.

Caution to the unpleasant surprise of many users, this «product» is distributed through store extensions for Google Chrome. If you accidentally find yourself on his page, please, leave it (and never open!)

page Adobe dtm switch to store extensions

So, what steps should be taken to remove the Adobe dtm switch?

Method №1: manual removal

1. Turn off the Internet connection. Close all browsers and applications.

virus in the OS startup

2. Press simultaneously — «Ctrl + Shift + Del». select «Start Task Manager» in the command list.

3. In the «System Configuration» in the «Startup» tab, check the app — all suspicious (with strange names, without the signature of the manufacturer) is mandatory to disable. Known virus names: HsMgr, System, systemscript and others.

Tip! With Windows 7, you can remove any application from startup without fear that your PC fails. Modules and elements responsible for the stability of the OS is not displayed in a list and, accordingly, in a given panel settings available to the user.

4. Discovering malware, remove the click of a mouse next to it «tick». Click «Apply» button and «OK». Then select «Exit without restart.»

5. Press «Ctrl + E» (open window partitioning), then — «Alt».

6. At the top horizontal menu. Open it with «Service» section and select «Folder Options.»

7. Click on the «View» tab in the settings panel.

System option & quot; Folder Options & quot;

8. Scroll the mouse wheel until the end of the parameter list. Include the add-in «Show hidden files …».

9. On the drive C (where the OS is installed), open the folder Users / <username> (your account name).

10. Go to the Local / Microsoft / Windows /. Try to find in that folder a file named system.exe or systemscript.exe (names vary malware!) And remove it. In most cases, the loader Adobe dtm switch «settled» here.

Attention! If the virus does not want to go to the basket, try to get rid of it using Unlocker utility.

11. Open the «Start». In the «Search» bar, type regedit, click «Enter».

12. In the Registry Editor:

  • open branch HKCU / SOFTWARE / MICROSOFT / WINDOWS / CurrentVersion / run;
  • delete all the records and keys with the name system, system script.

Warning! Proceed with extreme caution. If you remove the «useful» keys, the system may malfunction.

13. Alternately, open all browsers and remove them with the name of the expansion Adobe dtm switch.

removal of virus expansion

14. Restart the OS. Make sure that the virus is inactive. Update your anti-virus software a signature database and check all the disk partitions for malware.

Method №2: removal by special tools

1. Download at of.sayte company Avast free utility Avast browser cleanup, designed for cleaning browsers.

2. Launch it by double-clicking the mouse.

menu Avast browser cleanup

3. In the Utilities panel, follow these steps:

  • Click the icon of Internet Explorer (the vertical menu on the left);
  • If the list displays unwanted applications «Adobe dtm switch», be sure to delete it ( «Delete» button);
  • Click the ‘Reset’.

4. Repeat the same steps with the other browsers (consistently open icons: FF, and then GoogleChrome).

5. Close the utility.

6. Download to PC Lecha antivirus utility Dr.Web CureIt! (Available on of.sayte) and scan the system partition.

7. After removing the virus, clean the file directories and system registry using the cleaning program CCleaner.

8. Restart the OS. Check the operation of browsers. If the virus does not disappear, consult your computer security experts.

Freed from Adobe dtm switch, install only trusted extensions to browsers, do not visit questionable sites, do not install software from unknown developers. All these actions are fraught with sad consequences — for you and your PC.

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