How to remove 360 ​​Total Security (if the antivirus is not removed)?

By | 24.04.2016

360 Total Security

How to remove Antivirus 360 Total Security

360 Total Security — a free antivirus product. It provides reliable protection for your PC. It has many useful features. In the detection of malware in the system uses a signature-known anti-virus kernel (for example, Avira). They are integrated into the software of its «body».

Sometimes, however, use it, wishing to get rid of the 360 Total Security (to put another antivirus), faced with typical problems. When you uninstall errors occur, the system warning that elements 360 Total Security used by another application or process. And, accordingly, the uninstall procedure is blocked.

Fortunately, you can avoid these problems. Moreover, at least two ways.

Method №1: standard remote + CCleaner

Run the built-in uninstaller

1. Right-click on the icon of the anti-virus in the system tray (in the lower right corner of the taskbar).

antivirus menu

2. From the menu, click «Exit» (the last option). In an additional window to confirm your intention to turn off the program.

3. Open the System «Start» menu and select «Control Panel.»

4. Click the ‘Add or Remove Programs «in the» Programs «.

list of installed software

5. In the list of installed software, click once with the left mouse button on the 360 Total Security.

4. Click the «Uninstall / Change» (located at the top of the list).

5. Activate the «Continue» function in the panel that opens uninstaller.

action confirmation

6. click «OK» in the window with the additional request, «Do you really want to remove the … …?».

Removing Antivirus folder

1. Restart your PC (aka the folder in which there was a virus, send in the basket will not work!).

2. Open the directory: C drive → Program Files (x86).

3. Locate and delete the folder with the name «360».

Cleaning the registry

Some antivirus keys remaining in the registry are not removed in a standard function regedit editor.

Cleaning the registry

Therefore, cleaning in this case it is advisable to perform the cleaning program CCleaner:

  • Select the «Register» section in the vertical utility menu;
  • run the registry scan ( «Problems search» button);
  • click «Fix» to remove all unnecessary objects (including antivirus keys).

Method №2: Revo Uninstaller Pro

Removing the 360 Total Security spetsutility using Revo Uninstaller Pro is much faster and better, in the sense that it effectively cleans the operating system from a remote application residues.

1. The Revo Uninstaller window, right click on the icon of the anti-virus program. Then click the function in the context menu «Delete».

Revo Uninstaller

2. Follow the instructions in the built-in uninstaller Total Security.

Scan mode selection

3. At the end of the regular removal procedure in the panel «Perform initial analysis …» in the «Scan Mode», select «Advanced» (including radio).

4. click «Scan» to search for the remaining elements.

5. Remove all registry keys and files found Revo Uninstaller.

Optional: Clean the Windows of unnecessary elements or CCleaner program Reg Organizer.

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