How to remove 360 ​​Safety Guard with the computer (by hand and by utilities)

By | 12.04.2016

360 Safety Guard

How can I manually remove the 360 ​​Safety Guard?

360 Safety Guard — the false anti-virus software. Enough is dangerous for your PC: a built-in virus Trojan. It finds and uses the operating system vulnerabilities to expand their functional priorities and receiving user data. Distributed through social engineering as «a free solution to protect your computer.» And through disguised installation (like worms and Trojans) — without user consent.

Declared «possibility» 360 Safety Guard, nothing more than a fake (fantasy). The destiny of this «digital product» — only malicious activity and prevent the installation of trusted vendors. In particular, this applies to Kaspersky Internet Security (due to software incompatibility). Despite how Rogue AVs got in, it is mandatory to carry out his removal.

Removal utility Remove Fake Antivirus

Remove Fake Antivirus does not provide basic PC protection from malware. His specialty — remove rogue antivirus from your computer. The latest version of the utility (1.99 — April 2014) has a sufficiently large track record create fake software that can remove it. Total 90 items.

1. Open ofsayta program (Page —

Remove Fake Antivirus

2. Below the list of detected fake anti-viruses click here «CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD».

Download link

3. Wait for the download. Run the utility by double-clicking.

utilities run

4. Click «Yes» to the request utility «Start to remove virus?» (Start virus removal).

scan progress

5. After scanning and removal 360 Safety Guard, restart the PC.

6. Clean the file directory and Windows registry program CCleaner.

7. Update the installed base (main) antivirus and check all the disk partitions for the presence of malware. Either set the security software from another vendor (possibly the current anti-virus is not effective, because he could not remove 360 ​​Safety Guard).

How to remove manually?

1. On the panel «Start», type taskmgr, and then press «ENTER».

2. In the Windows Task Manager, click on the tab «Processes».

Manager operating tasks

3. Find the «safetyguard.exe» file (or a variant with a similar name). Click the right button. Select from the context menu «Open storage …».

4. Save your way to lzhevirusa folder in a text file (later you will need to return to this directory).

Warning: Usually the virus is written in the Program Files, at Safety Guard Software folder. And in the «Common Programs» (with the same title).

5. Return to the Task Manager, and then right click on safetyguard.exe. And then click «End Process.»

6. Restart the computer in Safe Mode (press F8 key during the reboot).

7. Locate the folder lzhevirusa (follow the path to the saved file) and delete it, including all the files in it.

8, go to the Windows Registry Editor ( «Start» line → regedit) to remove elements 360 Safety Guard, remaining after removal of its main directory.

9. Start the function «Find …» ( «Edit» section of the menu).

10. In the search box, type SafetyGuard. All found records with the name of the virus must be removed.

Attention! Quite often it is prescribed in the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ registry.

11. Restart Windows normally. Scan the drive for viruses curing utility (eg, Dr.WebCureIT!)

Use only trusted antivirus software. Download their installers only on the official websites of developers.

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