How to remove the annoying message «Open your mail»

By | 07.04.2016

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Every day computer viruses are becoming more refined and finding new loopholes to attack. Surely all encountered ransomware virus, blocking a browser and want to send SMS to a certain number, or been attacked hundreds of open windows, paralyzing your work.

«Thanks to the» new virus computer can suddenly start talking to you, and not just talk, and a mechanical voice with a small interval of time repeating the phrase: «open your mail.» Of course, you can turn off the speakers, but it is a temporary measure, and believe me, the voice will not disappear. Try to understand what kind of attack and how to fight it.

The origin of the virus

Witnesses, first targeted by the attack of a new virus with a sound notification, claim that it began with the of Google Chrome, then the Google Profile synchronization spread further and now infests virtually all web browsers. However, even with the full scan or Avast, or Nod32, Kaspersky or do not determine the parasite virus.

Search computer including a file system fails. Judging by the numerous comments on the Internet, the virus behaves a little differently. Someone no longer connect to the Opera and Mozilla network due to restrictions in the proxy, is not harvested when setting up. Other web browsers try to connect to different sites crammed with advertising. And the third part of the user’s voice, reciting «open your mail,» appears only when you log on Youtube portal.

How to treat

So, how to remove open your emails? Due to the fact that the virus behaves and manifests itself in different ways, universal and 100% method to deal with it is not, but we can offer a methodology, which responds in most cases. It is obvious that the root of the problem lies in the Flash-player on one side, and on the other — in the Chrome plugin. To remove the virus, the first step you need to perform the following steps:

  1. go to the installed programs;
  2. Remove all Web browsers other than Internet Explorer;
  3. remove the flash-player;
  4. clear all mention of these programs where they can be registered.

Then restart your computer and use CleanClear check the registry for errors that are related to synchronization. Next, using the Internet Explorer download Chrome from the official Google website and the new Flash-Player from the Adobe website. With the help of these simple actions nagging voice must be defeated.

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