How to cut the dough on a blog?

By | 07.04.2016

Some on blogs manage to earn a lot of money, and of course, there are those who do not give rest to the glory of popular bloggers. It seems that the minimum investments allow you to get considerable profit. And not everyone thinks about what is behind the easy money. It seems established a blog and write about what you want.

In fact, everything is not so simple. The most popular blogs are owned already popular people. So that their blog is read not from the fact that they were able to catch the audience.

As far as blogging for a living, they psevdoprofessionalnye.

The design of this blog seems simple and standard, but in fact the code is optimized, with so that ads are placed perfectly for a living.

Subject rarely profitable blog — thinking out loud, as there are a limited number of topics for earnings. And raise a blog for profit-making, and therefore, highly competitive search is not easy, and most likely — not cheap. And you should not have any illusions, regardless of what kind of advertising will bring you a profit — subject to be commercial.

Even if you can pick up your blog traffic to a decent level, it is unlikely that this will be the reason for the financial breakthrough.

Add to that the need to write well and much, otherwise your blog will not read even the search engines bots.

So minor problems such as name registration, work with web hosting, website promotion, and all those things that are faced daily site owners and it will be obvious that the blog is not a toy with which to enrich themselves without certain, and not small, skills and serious work for the industrious and versatile developed person.

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