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By | 07.04.2016
computer virus programs contamination is a serious problem and deal with it the common user is sometimes very hard. To prevent the entry of malicious files in the system should establish a reliable antivirus with regular updating of the database. At the same time, no antivirus software can not guarantee 100% protection from infection data, so you should always be ready to cope with a possible virus attack.

One of the unpleasant and complex malware is, which penetrates the user’s computer, he runs the workflow, repeatedly copying itself, as well as initiating the creation of an entirely new startup key with a value of random. To get rid of the infection can recommend a number of ways, the use of which depends on the user’s knowledge and ability to work with system files:

  1. Independent removal of infected system files from the registry, as well as data associated with them
  2. Use anti-virus software and special tools.

Self-deleting files from the root of the registry is quite complicated and responsible process, because it should be understood that the accidental deletion of at least one critical system files can not only lead to a malfunction of the software, but also the complete failure Windows. That is why, in order to remove best to use special programs designed just to clean your system from all sorts of abominations.

helpful hints

Here are some useful recommendations on how to reduce the risk of penetration into the computer of the «contagion»:

  • Regularly update installed in the system anti-virus software;
  • Download the program and animated objects only tried and trusted sites;
  • Continuously monitors the startup by removing all unnecessary and «left» files;
  • Set up e-mail program to accept emails only from trusted sources; in case of detection of suspicious files immediately submit it to the basket.

Specific ways to get rid of

Many users are still picked up the virus program, interested in the question of how quickly and with minimum effort to get rid of it. After making a thorough review of the methods and means of getting rid of this program you can recommend a few useful programs, establishing that, you just need to start scanning the file for viruses, after which smart program will do it all yourself. It is also important to understand that should be removed as early as possible, because over time the program can cause a significant deterioration of the speed of the system.

One of the simple English language programs is AdwCleaner by Xplode, which in a few minutes will scan the system, identify the infected files and render them harmless. You can also use the program from the American company Enigma Software Group, called SpyHunter 4 and is guaranteed to remove from the register all of the viral code.

For those who prefer a domestic developments can recommend software from Security Stronghold Russian company, which also provides high-quality and reliable protection. And finally, for those who are used to radically solve the problem, it is to completely reinstall the system, which also will relieve the annoying computer virus. But this, of course, the most extreme case.

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