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By | 07.04.2016
Infected with the virus is always unpleasant, it does not matter whether you are infected himself or another it comes to your computer. Sometimes computer viruses even more unpleasant than usual, for example, when due to the intrusive window to fill the screen perfectly still gets all the stick work or hang infected with another worm.


This virus — a worm, of which there are a whole family. All of them are «spread» over the data transfer devices, social networks and instant messaging programs. He may participate in DoS-attacks. Although the main trouble associated with it — blocking sites for updates, downloads the system for what it remembers passwords and user logins.

Even more often, than from external media, this «infection» seeps through the links in the messages instant messaging programs (Skype, ICQ), or social networks, sent to all the contacts address book of the infected computer. The file itself is stored in the directory% APPDATA% (C: \ Users \\ AppData \ Roaming), and the name he is randomly generated from the serial number of the hard drive and is placed in the startup (Registry branch HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run) .

After that, it can copy itself to all connected external drives, including the smart phone memory card, hiding in the RECYCLER folder and using the autorun.inf to automatically run every time you connect to your computer.

The most insidious in its propagation, the virus can intercept messages in secret from the user and append them to the link itself.

He skillfully hidden from the user, using its own rootkit. The most common option — its introduction into explorer.exe, although some victims met him even mspaint.exe

But the most great meanness, waiting for the hapless user who tried his «cure» — built-in integrity checks through which protected from deletion, pulling debris and trying to damage the disc.

Fighting classic method

The easiest way to try to defeat this attack — use the classic anti-virus utilities. Leaders of direction — the famous and the AVZ AVPTool from Kaspersky. However, there are unhappy that these programs do not help.

Another program that can be used — «! Dr.Web CureIt», the brainchild of «Doctor Web» brand. The program, as well as the previous two, is free, so it is accessible to all.

All three products are available and understandable even completely ignorant of the wisdom of computer users. That’s just not always cope with, in particular, because it is not removed and do not treat active viruses, and it is in the startup, ie, constantly running. Therefore, many have to ask for help from friends (or acquaintances) professionals.

Removal using special tools

For the most dangerous and widely spread the virus produced special removal tool. There are those for Dorkbot family.

On the Internet you can find the import program SpyHunter 4, developed by the US Enigma Software Group. It will help remove without problems from the Windows operating system.
Adherents of domestic programming approach Win32 / Dorkbot from Security Stronghold.

Doctors say that if you treat the virus. It will be held for 7 days if not treated — a week. Unfortunately, the computer virus is not the case, and each day of delay of treatment can be in the truest sense of the latest e-friend. Therefore, if appeared on a computer or on a flash drive was seen, treatment should begin immediately.

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